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Beelzeboss' Devil Horns Custom Kit

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Beelzeboss' Devil Horns Custom Kit

Nice. Very nice.

In some ways it is not quite up to the level of Fansproject's original upgrade kit but for the price it is worth it to give Classics Cliffjumper a new look.

Beelzeboss' Devil Horns Custom Kit

I've been unhappy with the original since they repainted Bumblebee so this is a welcome cheap change.

So I was catching up with Michael Holt's predecessor's blog and I gotta say that the custom Stunticons he posted the eBay link to is something to behold.

I'm not much into following the customizers other than creaming every now and then over something Jin Saotome has produced but FrenzyRumble's stuff is really nice.

His Devestator is wonderful and I'd love to have a Sunstorm for Classics like he did. (Hmm... would that be an Unclassics Sunstorm?)

I'm still pissed I didn't try to go after one of Jin's Shockwave customs.


I bought her Shockwave Munny.

And no, you may not touch him.

TetraJets = TetraBallsAwesome


Crazy Steve's Tetra Jets

The one and only Evil King Macrocranios, aka my favorite Transformer blogger Crazy Steve, has been doing these little non-transformable custom G1 Cybertronian Tetrajets.

They're great!

I'm hoping he does one in Sunstorm colors just because so many people hate Sunstorm and therefore Sunstorm deserves the Tetrajet mode that he'd have had if he was a really character anyway so as to piss them off even more.

Pissing off Transformer fans isn't only Hasbro's job! It should be all of our jobs!

I like when customizers take some some liberties to repaint a toy.

I noticed this "Movie" Ultra Magnus custom today

Custom Ultra Magnus

Custom Ultra Magnus

The red works as-is, and I like just the small areas of blue in the cab for the flames to contrast against.

This custom Classic Megs is great too.

I saw this link over at Hoop's site and found it pretty funny.

From the best Google can translate, it looks like a custom Energon Tow-line homage out of an Encore Ratchet.

Custom Energon Towline

Though I have no idea what " ビークルモードは..."左のいらない部分をそぎ落としたら右になりました" ってカンジ?" really means.

The Google Translation of "Vehicle mode is left to whittle the unwanted portion" leaves a lot to the imagination.

I assume it refers to the platform part.



Custom Brawn by WarMAchine

Holy ballskicking customs Batman!

What a great custom Brawn for sale.

Someday I'll buy up some customs.

I really wish I'd have snagged Jin Saotome's one Shockwave custom when I had the chance.

There'll never be anything like it again.

I may bid on this custom Beachcomber in a couple of days depending on where it is at.

They do look good.


I'll give the guy an A+ for effort.

And they do look good.

But man, you really can't polish a turd can you?

From the land of toys that don't suck...


Jin Saotome's G2 MegatronSpeaking of Mr. Saotome, any of you seen his not-so-the-brick G2 Megatron yet?

Verra nice.

His tank mode is perfect and captures G2 Megatron perfectly.

I've never been a fan of the Megatron door stopper but somehow I've acquired 2 of them.

I think one of 'em sold at one of the toy shows but who knows. If not they're both buried in a bin somewhere.

Good job Mr. S.

And the Ultron kicks ass and that Jetfire ? Oh. He could make a boy excited.

Quite excited.

I saw this and had to gank if from Terry Sloane.


Apparently, in his net wanderings, he came across this custom repaint of Classics Jetfire done up as Wing Saber.

Dare I say... nicer than that Botcon repaint last year.

I would so love Hasbro to official introduce Wing Saber, Victory Leo, and Dai Atlas into the new American continuity somehow.

I mean... c'mon!

That shows gonna get imported back into Japan and they loves them more than we do!


...and tentacled-tongued Megatron look-a-likes non-nom-noming of prepubescent girls.

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