The House: More attic and less disaster


The Attic be'n cleaned up!

So I got almost 4 hours in on the attic today. It is looking better than it did on July 6.

I've given up on trying to throw shit out since all that's doing is slowing me down.

I've just decided to just pack everything up in boxes and that'll be the way it has to be, future buys be damned!

Theoretically, since the attic has no main heating or cooling it can't be considered a livable room in the house.

I've always made due with electric heaters and a window AC unit but the fact it can't count towards livable space may actually be a rationale why "there's boxes stored up here".

And of course, in those boxes, hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of transforming robots!

Ok. Gotsta go shower. It was just hot enough up here today and I was moving enough shit to end up smelling like sweaty balls. And nobody... except maybe your own personal ball washer... wants to smell like sweaty balls!


do you have any crack for sale do you ship worldwide?

and what kind of camera are you using.

youngariff: Every time I start the process of wanting to sell stuff off I get sidetracked by more important things in life.

I've sold stuff to many people though, many of them who comment here and can vouch for my honesty. I've shipped to Reignfire as far away as Brunei, and England, and even way far away Buffalo!

Oh. And I currently use a Canon PowerShot A620. It does well when I spend enough time with my external lighting and aperture settings.

I need a solid SLR with good macro lenses though.

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