Interlude: Miller Chill - Lime and Salt Flavoured Bottled Piss


Miller Chill - awful nasty

I can't recall the reason Giga decided to pick-up a six pack of this but all I have to say is this is an awful beer.

I'm assuming that this is Miller's attempt to cash in on people who normally enjoy Corona and Dos Equis, which are my two beers of choice during the hot summer Cowtown months.

This domestic "mexican style" beer, however, is one awful beer.

Go out, buy a case of Corona, cut up a shitload of limes, and spent the evening with friends while you all sit around bad mouthing Miller Chill and how shitastic it is.

The best I can offer you after trying this beer?

A picture of a large girl puking.


This is what you'll do if you drink Miller Chill.


I think the big problem is that under the lime and salt, it's still Miller.

I live by the belief that if you have to put a lime in it, drink another beer. Corona? Meh, give me Modelo Especial if I hafta drink Mess-kin beer.

I'm wondering if/why there are not pants on that fat girl. And I kinda feel nauseous myself.


Don't knock when so many proud southerners salt their Buds. I find few beers as refreshing as Meskins with lime, particularly Pacifico and Dos Equis.

And I'm guessing that there's a bathing suit bottom that's been enveloped. I mean, I hope so. That is a public bench.

Frowny: That must be a part of the South I've never visited. The coon asses and Cajuns around here don't do that.

Not saying it isn't done, I've just never heard of it. Interesting. I'll have to go home, crack open a Shiner and try it.

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