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I just wanted to say sorry to someone named Michael who posted to the Autorooper entry.

I accidentally deleted your post since it got sent to the spam filter.

The site has been getting hit pretty hard lately with the pron spam and I did a mass purgeand only saw a legit comment after Movable Type started deleting the hold queue.




Hey peoples.

Could you do me a favor?

Visit the Transformers The Movie DVD page via the graphic link down at the right side of this page.

I was contacted by a marketing company about putting the advertising for the DVD up because apparently Plastic Crack Dot Net is a viable Transformers-related site now.

I'm not getting paid or anything but they are sending me a free copy of the DVD which is nice since I hadn't planned on buying it since I already own an older release.

It'd be cool if they saw a little traffic at least come from this site.

Plus there's some cool Don Fiqueroa art from the cover of the DVD there.

Personally, I'm partial to the Optimus version.

But Fiqueroa's art, no matter the character, is usually enough to make my panties moist.

Cybertron Optimus Prime (Deluxe v2)


Cybertron Optimus Prime (Deluxe Version 2)

I found him on sale. I never really wanted him but on sale or clearance I'll probably pick up the the Megatron too.

Unfortunately, I just can't find Megs anywhere anymore.

Cybertron Optimus Prime (v2) is the 1744th Transformer that I've ever gotten.

Here are some G1 TFs for sale...


I told a local Cowlander that'd I'd post some TFs he wants to get rid of here.

Of course, I'm not even remotely close to working on the Attic yet since I'm dealing with the new hole in the wall

Anyway, if interested, the email's at the the end of this post.

I need Autorooper too!



Oh KISS Player Autorooper. You of the silly badly translated into English name.

I love you!

But do I love you $50+ worth?


I love your cone weapon gimmick.

I love you.

World's Smallest Dinobot Slag

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World's Smallest Dinobot Slag

World's Smallest Dinobot Slag is the 1743rd Transformer that I've ever gotten.

World's Smallest Dinobot Grimlock

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World's Smallest Dinobot Grimlock

These pseudo-knock-off custom Dinobots that TFsource gets are really quite cool. I loved my Snarl and figured it was time to start getting the rest when I realized I forget to snag 'em at Botcon.

WST Dinobot Grimlock is the 1742nd Transformer that I've ever gotten.

eHobby G2 Ultra Magnus

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eHobby G2 Ultra Magnus

So I think my looking at this photo Walky! took and Giga's many months commenting on how he likes this figure influenced me enought to randomly get one the other day.

eHobby Ultra Magnus is the 1741st Transformer that I've ever gotten.

Transformers. More than meets the chair.

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So the Emmy-Award winning Mister G. sent me a pretty cool link to a transforming robotic chair.

Robotics. How fun!

It begins...


So images of early release "preview" movie toys have popped up.

These are Optimus Prime and Starscream before they get reformatted on Earth.

It definitely will save fandom a lot of collective frustration to just think of this as another line/brand and not try to tie it into anything that previously released in the past 20+ years.

They look like pretty much standard modern anime mecha now.

And I have to tell ya, I just can't get interested in them.

I'm not into Gundam or miscellaneous robots. I'm not even into Macross-type mecha anymore so these new designs just don't interest me.

At least from these "prototype" forms, the TF film line so far has lost the "Transformers-ness" of the characters for me.

The only way I think I'd end up with these will be if they are clearanced or the stupid completeness collector addictive nature of my personality kicks in.

Two day free trial of Sirius.

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FYI: 2 free days of Howard Stern via the internet.

SIRIUS Satellite Radio has changed my life.

And not just because I bought it for Stern.

No luck today.


So on my way from from breakfast today I decided to drive out to the usually pointless and overpriced KayBee in hopes of finding the TFUniverse Micromaster Superion set.

Alas. Nothing except their usual overpriced basics at $9.99 and deluxes at $12.99.

I swear I dont' know how the hell they've managed to even stay afloat anymore. Sure they declared bankruptcy and closed hundreds of stores around the country but at $5+ than standard retail it blows my mind anyone shops there.

And if TFs are marked that much higher I can only imagine what othe lines are insanely priced.

I decided to hit other stores along the way and didn't even find anything. I had hoped the new 3" Titaniums were making appearances but apparently not.

Oh well. Balls!

In other news, my plastic crack mule Max Power delivered the goods to JOP up in Glass City. JOP now has a ton of new Cybertron crack that never made an appearance on shelves up there.


Oh. And I accidentally raised the price of something I didn't want on Ebay and won it.

I don't know what I was thinking but I won an unopened case of 12 Car Robots Super Spychangers in the hopes that one of the remaining 3 clear chase variants may be inside.

For $25 that's a chancey auction for me.

Odds are totally against me on this one but maybe... just maybe... one of the chase figures will be in there!

Tearing apart the Attic of The Damned!

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So I spent today moving shit around The Attic to try and free up the space for the contractor.

Attic of Love - I just put the TF crap to one side.

So much crap!

Attic of Love - This is where they need to tear the wall out.

I guess it is a good thing that I'm letting them open up the wall but damn, I really don't need this mess up here. My basement is still tore up and the dining room is full of stuff from the basement so this is yet another room that'll be way messy.

But hopefully the problem isn't serious.

So much crap...

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So with the contractor schedule to rip open part of the kneewall in the Attic on Monday I've spent the past 5 hours trying to move stuff.

There's just too much shit up here.

I really really really feel overwhelmed by all the toys taking up so much space. And hell, there's still the 15+ long boxes of comics going back 20 years shoved in the closet that are taking up space.

I definitely need to consider selling more toys than I originally had planned a few months back.

A lot of this shit has to go!

Takara Convoy (with communicator) PVC

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Takara Convoy (with communicator) PVC

So yesterday I helped Evebird create some high resolution scans of his deleted scene cels for an article being written about them somewere.

As thanks, not only did he get me Indian cuisine for lunch yesterday but today I came down into my office and found a Takara PVC of Convoy with his forearm communicator!!! He's one of my missing PVCs and now I have him!!!

Thanks Mr. E!

This PVC is the 1740th Transformer that I've ever gotten.

I want Steel Jaw!


Holy shit!

This custom Galaxy Force Broadcast and Steel Jaw rocks!

Steel Jaw is brilliant!!!

So a contractor is going to have to cut out part of the wall in the Attic of The Damned™ (more here) to deal with a possible water leak.

That means I'm going to have to spend quality time up in the Attic rearranging toys this weekend.

I have to move the Cybertron shelf and the entire TF Universe area and possibly the Robot Masters shelves.

I should put the entire TF Universe stuff up on Ebay as one huge complete lot. I'm thinking that I have all but 1 figure maybe there. I need to verify that.

Anyway, it'll be an unplanned cracky weekend.

Thank god I got the concrete work done and curing in the basement.

I told ya! I told ya!


Don't believe me that Titanium Megatron sucks?

The Transformers Cel Arkive

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Many of you probably don't know that Evebird, frequent plasticcrack visitor and personal friend of Nala, actually has a very special collection of Transformers-related items that are not toys.

And no. I'm not talking about crappy paraphenalia either.

Mr. Evebird collects rare one-of-a-kind Transformers animation cels.

Deleted Scene Cel from Transformers The Movie

You want to see some great stuff, especially cels from scenes that were deleted from the movie, stop by Evebird's The Transformers Cel Arkive.

You'll see more of cels, like the one above of Galvatron, that don't actually appear onscreen in the finished film.

All kinds of celluloid crack for your viewing enjoyment!

Well that or what have you.

Evebird even gave me a movie Laserbeak cel and original drawing as a gift 2 years ago.

So. I was investiging Wiki software for possible implementation here at work and stumbled across the Uncyclopedia site which I had totally forgot existed.

The entry for Transformers is probably the most accurate description I've ever read.

Created by Oscar Wilde in 1902, transformers are a simple though complicated electrical device designed to transfer energon from one circuit to another paramagnetically.

...The Autobots contain hidden voice modules programmed by Hitler to channel messages to his secret ninja polar bear force on the North Pole. Such directives included persuading them to carry hockey sticks and refrain from showering. The polar bears eventually became Cancanadians, dictators of Mars, whose national sport is hockey, a game played by shooting raccoons out of cannons. Autobots were discontinued in 1988 due to Winston Churchill's winning field goal of Superbowl XIIV.

Unfortuately, Hasbro(ther) made a new version, called transformers armada. It was sooo terrible everyone hated it. Thus Hitler's plans were ruined

Decepticons are similar to Autobots in likeness and appearance, except they turn into guns and wear purple fannypacks. These firearms became popular toys in the 80s, commonly brandished by children to provoke police officers into shooting them. Decepticons also have a tendency to listen to harder forms of gabber techno whilst dancing like Arabic kettles.

Not only is it better than anything I've previously read, it also manages to link Tranformers with Oscar Wilde and Hitler!!!

The Megatron and Prime entries are also better than I expected for parody.

And you know something?

Prime's last supper

I'd buy a full size print of Optimus Prime's Last Supper too.

I'd proudly display this in the Attic of The Damned™.

Spychanger mania!

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All kinds of Car Robots Super Spychangers...

Car Robots Super Spychangers (Chase Versions)

Car Robots Super Spychanger Artfire   Car Robots Super Spychanger W.A.R.S (alt mode and bot mode)

jquiz's flickr photos


Prime in front of my house, originally uploaded by jquiz.

Jquiz's Transformers Flickr set has some really great photography of Binaltechs and Alternators in real world settings.

I love the forced perspective of Masterpeice Convoy here on the street.

Others that are really nice are Binaltech Tracks, Binaltech Smokescreen, and Binaltech Hound.

I so wish I had time to get creative with my photography like this.

Alas, you'll all be stuck with my light box.

Jquiz's stuff is definitely creative.

What a pain in the ass!



Balls I tell you!

I was putzing around the Attic and decided to actually inventory my Car Robots Spychanger insanity.

For the most part, the ones I got at Botcon are pretty much duplicates.



I still need the following:

Super Spychanger Counter Arrow (clear version)
Super Spychanger Ox (clear version)
Super Spychanger X-Car (clear version)
Artfire (Jusco Exclusive)
Counter Arrow (Jusco Exclusive)
Ox (Jusco Exclusive)
W.A.R.S (Jusco Exclusive)
X-Car (Jusco Exclusive)


Stupid pieces of plastic.

I hate you!

What utter crap!


I think I may have just come across the worst single figure ever to bear the Transformers brand name.

And I'm talking worse than Wheelie and worse than Quickswitch.

Custom General Devestar

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So. This will be my first custom... TF Zone's General Devestar

Someday soon, when the basement is done and when the small bedroom is totally finished I'd like to do my my first kitbash/custom.

That figure will be General Devestar (Devestator) from Transformers: Zone.

I haven't build a model since I was a kid and without the house to work on I'll have free time in the evening to learn some lame ass kitbashing skills.

So... someday... a very super shitty kitbash custom General Devestar will be born!

I've just very happy I found a few images at Transformers Forever to begin planning.

So I ended up on TFSource today...


So based on what Hasbro said at Botcon about Alternators, I've preordered a KISS Player Hod Rod figure.

Even at $58.95 I feel dirty doing it considering the fact that $50 preordered used to typically result in me getting die-cast Binaltech versions of the characters.

But Hasbro said that Alt Rumble and the panther Ravage will be the last Alternators for pretty much the next few years so I'm gambling on that.

I also snagged the World's Smallest Slag and Grimlock figures which I forgot to pick up at Botcon. Same goes for the e-hobby Laser Ultra Magnus figure Giga has been wanting me to get for some time.

The only thing I can say about why I dropped the cash on these was the fact I had leftover toy cash from Botcon.

Collector Reborn


Collector Reborn, another Transformers Blog has recently come online.

He's got a cool idea for "reviews" in the sense of just short videos of the figure and then the transformation.

His recent Classics Starscream video review is up.

I don't have the patience for those kinds of regular video shoots. And do I really need you all commenting "You transformed that wrong!" or "You suck! That piece goes that way!?

I get enough of that with the photography.

I think your arm would start to hurt.


This is the greatest Halloween costume. EVER!

I think this may just be the greatest Halloween costume.


And the costume is basically in "new skool" Ultra Magnus colors too!

Because I had to do it.


Ok. I just can't do it.

I've tried putzing around the forums of TF message boards and I just cannot find any reason to regularly contribute to most of those places.

I like to see what's going on around convention times. I like sharing the bad craziness of my own personal TF-collecting addiction and lameness. Hell, I don't even mind the occasional real-life conversation about toys and other assorted geeking.

But truthfully, I need to steer clear of reading online forums and such.

Instead of taking this stuff for the silly little reality it is people go all apeshit over the most retarded of things as if their ability to survive rests on Hasbro and Takara and a product line they dole out to make money off on.

And to make sure I never forget that this is just a silly little hobby and not a "lifestyle" I've registered theyrejustfuckingtoys.com to point here.

Because no matter how insanely sociopathically sick one is about this "thing" called Transformers one has to remember that "they're just fucking toys".

Harse language but on this topic... it really hits it home for me!

And hopefully, many people in fandom will remember that "itsjustafuckingmovie" when the time comes.

May you never forget this important little thing as well.

Can you make him any whiter???


Classics Ultra Magnus

So. I'm sure most of you know that Hasbo, as they are prone to do since the Armada and TF Universe era, typically have repainted smaller versions of Optimus Prime as "Ultra Magnus", going with a predominantly white base and bits of color here and there.

Takara even redid the Masterpiece Convoy as Master Piece Ultra Magnus to get the most dollars out of loser geek collectors.

Hasbro will repainting the fairly awesome Classics Prime mold as Ulgra Magnus (above image) and quite frankly I think it looks really good. I'm really partial to the heavy white with minor colored trim. I'm even fine with the legs being predominantly blue.

I'm curious as to opinions on this from you all repainting Ultra Magnus from basic Primes?

Does it 1) suck balls or 2) not suck balls?

Cybertron Cryo Scourge


Cybertron Cryo Scourge

I don't know why I bought it. I really had no intentions of getting this or Galaxy Force Prime.

Just chalk it up to lameness.

Cybertron Cryo Scourge is the 1739th Transformer that I've ever purchased.

If someone on the street walked up to me and said "Nala? What's the most tits awesomest Transformer thing ever?" what would I say?

Car Robots Tai bathing with Sky-Byte as Super Fire Convoy peeks over the wall

"Car Robots Tai bathing with Sky-Byte as Super Fire Convoy Pervs" of course!

Updated some shit about toys tonight while listening to Galaxy 500.

I was in a John Coltrane mood but then, for some unknown reason "Copenhagen" started saying "Nala. Listen to me." and hence it became a Galaxy 500 night instead.

I haven't kept the spreadsheet up to date since early summer and if it wasn't for this stupid website I'd have no idea what kind of crap I purchased.

Split the con crap out and started normalizing and correcting the old TF shit from my other blogs going back to 1999 or so.

I'll import it but it is all pretty pointless really.

But more important things must intrude over the next week so who knows if I'll post anything here.

Day 84 - A whole lotta work done today

Real life = basement repair work.

I'm on Day 84 of the basement wall restoration. If all goes well the main room walls will be done by Halloween!

Found on YouTube...


Two Words: Robot Satan

Turist Ömer Uzay Yolunda


I didn't know my life was missing meaning until I watched Turkish Star Trek over at beaucoupkevin.com.

And I especially love the inclusion of instrumental parts of "Echoes" by Pink Floyd from the Meddle album.

It is like love... but with super mega bad sets!

I so want Turist Ömer Uzay Yolunda... the "re-imagined" series a la Ron Moore's Battlestar Galactica.

Holy crap! That's on tonight again!!!


I was emailing with Will this morning and he turned me on to Transtopia. I'm pretty sure I've been there in the past but since I never went ahead with adding kitbashing/customizing to my list of loser geekness I never visited it regularly.

Oy koledy! Such amazing geekness!!!

Alternator Star Saber (derived from an Alternator Optimus Prime) and Alternator Victory Leo (derived from a Prowl) are amazing. The custom packaging rocks!

Like he says, "Scourge without a Sword of Fury is like a woman without sex appeal" and this custom RID Scourge from Fire Convoy is great.

I'll waste too many hours on this site.

Must focus on my basement work.

So Evebird mentioned that MightLegs posted something over at Allspark from a GI Joe message board regarding Brian Savage basically telling Joe fandom that their con isn't finalized and it infers that it probably won't happen during the summer now.

Man oh man those people are as whiney-ass bitchy as Transformers fandom.

In fact, if you look at a typical TF board and you look at that Joe board they practically look exactly the same!!!

The same general topics and the same amount of people all wasting the same fucking amount of time about goddamn toys!

Except now, since the TF con has been moved to the summer to coincide with the movie, the Joe geeks are whining about their con getting short shrift.

This of course is no different 18 months or so ago when FP took over Botcon and TF geeks were whining about Botcon moving to autumn because FP focused on the Joe con in summer.

Bitch. Whine. Moan. Bitch. Whine. Moan. Bitch. Whine. Ok. That's ok. Moan. Bitch. Whine. Moan.

I swear... it is bad enough to be an adult and collect childrens toys but to be an adult and have this goddamn victim mentality some of these fans have really is sick.

I love how both TF and Joe groups feel as if Hasbro "owes them something". It is insane.

Hasbro owes adult collectors absolutely NOTHING!

Hasbro does not make the toys for adult collectors!

Fun Publications does not run a con and club out of the kindness of their hearts!

Hasbro makes the toys to sell them and make a profit!

Fun Publications organizes and runs the cons and assorted toys to make a profit!

You will still buy whatever frigg'n toys they sell regardless of if you bitch or moan about it!

Your dollars at the retail stores you shop are a tiny fragment of what is sold nationwide and even globally. Our so-called "fan"doms are a tiny fraction of people who buy the plastic crack they sell.

We are owed nothing! Nothing at all!

We should all feel lucky that Hasbro even wastes their time sending their staff to do panels at these cons to begin with. It doesn't matter if it is TF staff or Joe staff.

You can't seriously tell me that the 5000 or so collective TF and Joe adult fans that go to these cons, buy the toys, and troll message boards even truly ever come into the business decision-making at Hasbro.

If I was responsible for these toy divisions I sure as hell wouldn't let it.

Ya know... I'm thankful that moments of fandom insanity like this come up and slap me in the face. It helps me to remember that these things are stupid children's toys. Fans can kid themselves and delude themselves with illusions if they want but these are toys. That's it.

They are not investments. They will not get you laid. They will not pay your mortgage. They are not anything other than something to waste your hard earned adult cash on, play around with, put on a shelf, break, and say "that's kind of cool".


I wonder if My Little Pony and Care Bears fandoms are this fucking annoying!

Fandoms, regardless of Transformers, Joes, Star Wars, Star Trek, or whatever, are the worst things for the brands they are fans of! It is that simple!

A 17-changer? Oy koledy!


Doug from Geek Acres made me aware of something about Cybertron Scrapmetal that I never knew before.

I have a red one and a yellow one but I never really putzed around transforming them.

Who knew it was a 17-changer?!?!? (From this Allspark thread.)

I mean, some of those modes are better than any of G1 Sixshot or G1 Quickswitches modes.

New Titaniums!


Titanium Primal PrimeWell it looks like the new wave of 6" Titanium figures may just be shipping very soon if the news sites are to be believed.

And I gotta say I'm pretty excited.

Originally I was pretty apathetic about the line but based on Jetfire and Thundercracker my opinion turned. And then of course the ones unveiled at Botcon got my panties sopping wet!

War Within Megatron and The Fallen (for some reason) totally appeal to me.

G1 Ultra Magnus will become part of the collection but honestly, I've never been a fan of this version of the character at all. Pretty much the same for G1 Scourge too. I just have no love for either character or their original toys.

But Beast Machines Cheetor and Optimal Optimus are screaming to me. Especially Optimal Optimus!

He and Scourge will supposedly be out soon and I just have to have him!

And I have no idea why?!?!?!

His appearance has always been a bit strange, being a mix of vehicle/jet/gorilla/thing and yet I totally love him!

So? Any of you excited about these?


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Powerpoint... ugh.

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I've been known to use the phrase "Powerpoint Sucks Balls Nasty" over the past 15 years or so and I honestly still believe it.

Anyway, I found the best Powerpoint presentation ever over at beaucoupkevin.com.

Some PVC photography.


I'm just not happy with my lighting today.

Brothers Fortress Maximus and Grand Maximus --

TF Headmasters - Brothers Fortress Maximus and Grand Maximus

Um. He looks more "Prime" than before!

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So some people have apparently taken some candid shots from the set of the TF movie and lo and behold, the "Prime prop" used for referencing the future CGI action and compositing actually has a head that looks more like Optimus Prime than the previously released CGI rendered art that has popped up.

Sure. It could be there to just mislead since the shape of the prop isn't all that important.. The reference points are really the key here.

But man, that looks more like what I'd want in a Prime face/shape than that strange ass early CGI rendering we've seen.

Balls awesome!

Chuck posted a link to this fantastic Battlestar Galactica "A New Crew In Town" video and it rocks!

The Peabody Awards clip with Trey Parker and Matt stone is pretty good too.

So I noticed a blurb on Seibertron.com about Stan Bush, who contributed songs to the 80s TF movie, submitting music to the new live-action film.

The article and accompanying letter are rather vague and don't flat out say that Stan Bush has been asked to produce music for the film.

I believe Michael Bay would use something from Stan Bush in this film as much as I believe Vince DiCola has been asked to score the film and Lion has been asked to reprise that tits-awesome opening theme.

If we get non-traditional looking TFs since "this is a whole new thing" then I'm pretty confident that they'll leave the nostalgia for the 80s film behind!

If Bay could work Aerosmith into the closing credits of say Armageddon I don't see a relatively unknown doing it. Paramount/Dreamworks could probably get anybody they want to write a song to inappropriately insert into the credits of the film.

I'm just hoping that they go with a full orchestral score. There's nothing crappier than a "hip modern groovy" soundtrack that immediately dates a film within 5 years.

I'm wondering if Weird Al will allow "White and Nerdy" to be used in the film?

Hell.. Spectre General (Kick Axe) and N.R.G. probably need some showcasing too.

optimus prime - classics edition
Originally uploaded by gigamatt.
I was looking at his Flickr galleries earlier today and lo and behold Giger had been taking photos in my light box up in the Attic of Love and did a really good shot of Classics Optimus Prime.

In fact, dare I say it, this is one of the better photos he's taken recently.

Maybe it is because I myself take a lot of robotic crack pics and he's more apt to do his JL stuff while he learns his camera and the appropriate light setup to use.

It definitely takes a while to find the happy medium for settings. Baby Jesus knows the hundreds of images (way too much data) that I've kept around that are total shit because of figuring out my Canon Powershot A620 and the various issues with the fabrics I as backgrounds.

I would love to see what I could do a couple of days after buying a digital SLR.

Star Convoy

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Star Convoy
Originally uploaded by Despotes.
Despotes has a lot of wonderful Transformers.

I didn't run into him at Botcon but we frequently exchange comments on our Flickr posts.

I really like this recent macro shot of Star Convoy's face he did.

As usual, I have yet to take my reissue Star Convoy outta the package so I've never seen him up close and personal like this.

Despotes has a great collection of Optimii too!

Alpha Trion outta LOC Vector Prime

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I was putz'n around the geek sites tonight and came across this fantastic Legends of Cybertron "Alpha Trion" made from an LOC Vector Prime by LoneWolf76.

I can only imagine what he could have done if he had a regular size Vector Prime available to work with.

Psst... Hasbro... THIS is what ya should have done as a repaint!

The goldish-geen "Galaxy Force" Vector Prime pales in comparison.

Bee Gee Wee Kee

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I just discovered a Battlestar Galactica Wiki.

There goes my free time.


Creating the Axalon diorama!


Did ya get a set of Botcon 2006 pre-Beast mode Maximals?

Want to create your own Axalon playset for whatever reason?

Well, Spectroscott has the recipe!

Botcon - Friday - Jeremy's Axalon diorama with figures

I watched him assemble it in the hotel. It does look good with the figures in it.

(Or you can make one and just use your own Beast Wars figures!)

Name... that... old... Takara... robot!


10-09-06-robot.jpgReader Mark sent me this photo (image at left) of an old Takara robot and is wondering what it is.

Frankly, I don't think I've ever seen this guy before.

He doesn't look like a combiner but he definitely has a late 70s/early 80s design vibe going on.

Double-click on the image to enlarge it and if any of you with vast non-Transformer plastic toy knowledge have any idea what it is please share the love.

Now's the time that knowledge can help a geek from a land far far away!

Dig deep into the darkest recesses of your sick toy addicted mind and help a buddy out!

Ack! Bad email.

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I just realized that the email address I've had on here forever was a dead address. It was configured to forward to my main address but there was an extra character in it that messed things up.

I have absolutely no idea how long this has been going on which sucks the mighty big balls.

It is fixed now.

I realized something was wrong when someone send me email from here and I never got it.

Sorry if you ever tried to use my "email me" link and it went into limbo.

The internets suck.

And so it is over...


So there we are watching the final episode of Transformers: Cybertron that the Tivo snagged and at about 14 minutes in the goddamn Tivo seems to have recording at 2x speed and dropped the audio.

Absolutely no idea what happened but the only episode I really actually ever wanted to watch and it was ruined by evil technology!



Let's face facts here. Hasbro really really really was grasping at straws when they wanted to make Cybertron a "3rd part" connecting it to the Armada-Energon duo. There's just no connection and yet they want kids to think there is for some reason.

I don't understand Hasbro sometimes. Honestly, I think they have people with MBA's making decisions based off of "market research" or some other nonsense when honest to goodness common sense is more than adequate to base some decisions on.

Kids, the primary audience, don't give a shit if Cybertron is part of a trilogy or not.

I digress.

Ok. So thankfully the Tivo didn't mess up at the point where the most awesomest thing in the fucking world happens...


So plasticcrack.net gets about 100 spam comments every day. That's why some of you have to be authenticated every post and such.

Moveable Type is great and none of the dreg spam can get through so you'll never see them.

Every now and then I delete them and check to make sure no new legit commenters were caught (it has happened) and I just noticed some funny shit on today's spam.

A few of the spams (below image) just happen to have attacked some very appropriate entry titles.


The "large pussy lips" spam attacked a post entitled "Unclean! Unclean!".

"big cock cadden" spam (what's cadden?) attacked "Arghhhh!:

The "girls having sex with horse" attacked "*yawn*".

"Horse having sex with woman" even posted to "Patience".

I don't know. I just found it funny.

Hey. There's only so much geek crap I can blog about in a given week!

Botcon 2006 G-Rated Videos


So I took a lot of lame ass video at Botcon a couple of days back and I've tried to edit it into something that would be remotely coherent.

Suffice to say, there's no real "story" here.

Part I:

Part II:

I think the only guy we ended up really vocally (amongst ourselves) picking on was Melon-Eating Boy.

And anyway, Melon-Eating Boy, if you see this... what's up with the bad craziness man? Seriously.

UPDATE: Ack!!! I linked some titles in Part II and one referring to getting somebody laid accidentally switched with one about Greg's minicon collection. Do I rerender or just leave it?

Hmmm... I'm leaving it for now!

Scary internet bad craziness.


For the most part I'm a message board lurker.

I pop up every now and then to read news and see what's going on around con time but for the most part I lurk and find immense anthropological observation enjoyment in watching benign conversations/threads get all balls crazy and shit.

Today I read a post...

Does anyone know who runs this blog? Plastic Crack?

Are they a member here?

Um. Ok. Scary.

As scary as Crazy Steve running up to me at Botcon and recognizing me from my real blog content.

Scary internet bad craziness.

So. If you've recently found this pointless blog.


Botcon 2006 G-Rated Videos


So I took a lot of lame ass video at Botcon a couple of days back and I've tried to edit it into something that would be remotely coherent.

Suffice to say, there's no real "story" here.

Part I:

Part II:

I think the only guy we ended up really vocally (amongst ourselves) picking on was Melon-Eating Boy.

And anyway, Melon-Eating Boy, if you see this... what's up with the bad craziness man? Seriously.

UPDATE: Ack!!! I linked some titles in Part II and one referring to getting somebody laid accidentally switched with one about Greg's minicon collection. Do I rerender or just leave it?

Hmmm... I'm leaving it for now!

Cross On!

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Cowtown's Emmy-Award winning Mister G. sent me this cartoon this morning.

Tatsuya Ishida's Sinfest strip from October 18.

Botgeeks want Hasbro to make a "base/city" bot. I think a church bot might be better now.

[Update: Thanks to David Willis for supplying the original source for the link!]

Classics Optimus Prime


Classics Optimus Prime

The latest version of Optimus Prime rocks! He truly is a beautiful mold with a great transformation.

He's simple yet modern without the insanity of say a Galaxy Convoy or Car Robots Super Fire Convoy.

He's good. He's balls awesome!

Oh... and obviously he's now mine!

Classics Optimus Prime is the 1738th Transformer that I've ever purchased.

Cybertron Smokescreen

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Cybertron Smokescreen

Found this G1 homage at TRU today.

Cybertron Smokescreen is the 1737th Transformer that I've ever purchased.

Alternators Optimus Prime


Alternators Optimus Prime

Ok. So I've never opened the one that Giga found for me a while back.

Hell. I've never actually seen any of these on retail shelves until today and since he's been kinda rare I got one to finally open.

Honestly I'm no fan of the bot mode and since I have Masterpiece Convoy I consider him my "Optimus Prime" for the Binaltech/Alternator line.

So I've decided that this guy will indeed be the Ginrai of my group. Hell, that's what he was originally going to be in Japan before Takara merged with Tomy and birthed the KISS Player abomination so why not.

Plus he'll stay in truck mode as well.

Alternators Optimus Prime is the 1736th Transformer that I've ever purchased.

Classics Megatron


Classics Megatron

At first I was pretty apathetic about Classics Megatron.

The color palette doesn't seem right for the character and the "wings" and gun mode just aren't something I'd like.

But since I saw MightyMegs' one at Botcon he's really grown on me.

I wonder how easy he'd be to just tone down the colors a bit.

Classics Megatron is the 1735th Transformer that I've ever purchased.

Day 78 - Phase VI - The sink and the appliances removed.Ok. I know I've promised to get you all that list of toys I want to sell and get rid of. Believe me... I'm working on it and will hopefully have something to put up here soon.

Yesterday I started on the last wall (image at right) my my basement reconstruction project and as soon as I get all the mortar and concrete redone I'll have some quality time to spend on the thinning out of the Attic of The Damned™.

Unfortunately, I'm now up against the weather... or more specifically the temperature. I have to have the final section of wall completely retuckpointed and parged by end of October and then I'll have about 2 weeks to get the room under the porch scraped, chemically etched, sealed, and waterproofed. I'll probably leave the slab until early spring but that'll be very easy once I get the new sink installed.

See? I actually do have a life! The Attic of The Damned™ truly is just a hobby.

BG in 11


Eleven hours until Battlestar Galactica.


That's all I gotta say.

However, I think Max Power should have an impromptu "Frak Party" tonight.

Oh. And you get moister by watching all of the 10 webisodes prior to 9pm!

Prime's chocolate salty balls

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I found this today.


I will never be able to hear that song without thinking of The Fabulous Deb D singing "Put 'em in your mouth and suck 'em" way back in the long long ago of 1999 or so.

Molded smiles = Love

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Bear and Classics Bumblebee... they just want to be loved!

Palisade's "Bear" from the Harvey Birdman Adult Swim show and Bumblebee from the Transformers Classics line just have that something special that makes you want to hold them and stare at them.

I think it is the smiles!

Each has this warm smile molded in stunning plastic that makes you just want to own them!!!

Ya know, I think I'd go for a set of more "cartoony" PVCs of Beast Wars characters in their alt modes.

That's the kind of TF paraphanelia that I could dig.

(More on Bear here. Unfortunately, Palisades is no longer in business.)


Mary Worth + Alcohol + Botcon = A Goldmine.

Too bad I didn't think of it a week ago!

It's hard to bargle nawdle zouss


It has been a long time since I've seen any of these but I came across a blog entry that has collected 10 available Weird Al videos all on one page.

I still find the bearded guy dressed up as a cheerleader in "Smells Like Nirvana" funny for some reason.

The most recent "White and Nerdy" is fairly funny for the simple mention of that awful LIfe Day tradition of the The 'Star Wars' Holiday Special.

I'd love a TF reference once.

He's a geek and all but I don't think he's got the ghey for transforming alien robots!

It is scary because it is true.

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In response to my "what should I do with my ginormous bandwidth increase" over at one of my other sites, Ramen Junkie said "create a porn website".

destructogirl then replied "Whatdya call plastic crack?" and ya know, that's kinda true in a messed up sort of way.

I was looking at photos posted by alphie from the TFW2005.com and I don't think I'll ever not have a fat looking ass!

I'm in a few of them and even after losing almost 100lbs my ass just still looks.

image 1, image 2

It is like nala-fat-ass-amania or some sick shit.


Soon. Very soon.

I shall have the ass of a Greek God!

I'll be training again very soon, working on the last concrete basement walls, and really controlling my diet.

I kid you not! You will bow down before me and my future not-so-fat-ass!

(Hmmm... this is sounding like the gheyest post ever!)

And for the most part, there were many asses far grander and larger than mine. Perhaps I'm just sensitive to it now. 18 months ago I was a size 46 and now I'm a size 38. You'd think I'd be happy but I'm not.

Well you know Giga...


The podcast idea might work well to get Are You A Team Player off the ground.

That way, it wouldn't have to be Transformers-specific.

Mr. B. collects his thing. Giga collects his thing. I collect my thing. And even Max has his thing.

This has the smell of at least occasional content.

Holy shit!

Dreamhost, where I host this and 8 or so other sites, has just bumped up both my monthly bandwidth and storage.

I currently have 403 GB of storage available and roughly 4500 GB/month of available bandwidth!

You know what that means?

I need to start hosting my own videos and shit instead of using YouTube and such.

I mean, the audience for this shit is people who stop by and not the actual viewers of YouTube and the like.

So. Here's a stupid question:

Would you listen to a weekly podcast? It will include Transformers and Attic of Love shit but it'll also have to include real crap from the major house projects and all.

Would it be worth my effort?

Does anybody even care about that kind of shit?

I mean... I do need reasons to blog and all.

It at least gives me deadlines and such.

Let me know by leaving a comment.

If I get a "yay" I may invest in a real microphone and try to actually produce something. Maybe get some Giga, Evebird, Max Power, and other action in there too.

(If I could figure out how TFWire does their Skype-type podcasts I may be able to include other on this site too as guests and so forth.)

Ahhh. Loserness.

A thing of beauty is a joy forever.


Takara G1 Star SaberI think Despotes over at Flickr said it best... "A thing of beauty is a joy forever. It's even better when it has a sword."

I'd modify that to be "when it has a MASTER FUCKING SWORD" which coincidentally, I now have.

I still have more photos to get up and a shitload of video to edit up. I definitely think that there will be the lame G-rated version and then the private R-17 version. I just know that some of the footage was very... well... appropriate for certain audiences only. Maybe I'll have something up by late Thursday or Friday.

I'm starting back up on the basement of non-love today so who knows. I'm on the last 14 or so feet of the main basement walls.

I soooooo want to be done with the damn house.

I'm just puttting a bunch of shit I found on YouTube here.

Represent'n Autobots for life!

Pretty damn awesome!


Wow! This is impressive fan CGI!

Frank Welker interview


I came across a Frank Welker interview over at Allspark that I never noticed.

There's even a "Megatron message" sound byte there.

Welker's Megatron has "shifted" a bit. I mean. The old 80s Megs is there but 20+ years, as with all voice actors, does make it a bit different.

I love Welker and am always pissed that he rarely gets the recognition for everything he's done.

Unfortunately, I just don't think that voice works for that Megatron-creature from the future film.

Perhaps they need to get Welker and have him come up with a new voice for the character. Something that isn't 80s Megatron but fits that anime-weedish Megs creature.

Now I'm going to go a bit geek fan boy here and say that I'd love to have Welker and David Kaye do a short "meeting of the Megatrons" someday. That would be really kind of cool. It'll probably never happen but with the write short script it could be fantastic!

We all know Beast Megatron, would be in awe of the original Megatron for all of 5 minutes and then would completely blow him off.

FP and the exclusives pricing issue


So I was reading Wikipedia this morning and for some reason came across the Botcon entry.

Man these geeks are fast, as this entry has already been updated with this...

BOTCON 2006 EXCLUSIVE FIGURE CONTROVERSY In the Botcon 2006 program the page after the last comic panel contains a Q&A, one of the qustions was about convention souviniers. It listed Megatron and Waspinator for $80.00, and Laserbeak and Buzzsaw for $40.00. Many fans inquired about this issue and were told that it was a typo, however claiming this as a typo and not having the price at what was listed is an FTC (Federal Trade Comission) violation known as deceptive advertising, the toys were instead sold for $95.00 and $45.00 respectively. This made the convention 10,000 extra dollars, that the fans are owed. Whether this problem will be rectified has yet to be answered. The following quote is from The FTC website, a link can be found here.

The Federal Trade Commission Act allows the FTC to act in the interest of all consumers to prevent deceptive and unfair acts or practices. In interpreting Section 5 of the Act, the Commission has determined that a representation, omission or practice is deceptive if it is likely to: mislead consumers and affect consumers' behavior or decisions about the product or service.

In addition, an act or practice is unfair if the injury it causes, or is likely to cause, is: substantial not outweighed by other benefits and not reasonably avoidable.

I was wondering about this myself.

Once they listed the price it does become a sticky issue.

I almost forgot to mention this for all of you who couldn't attend.

Of course, if you read TF news sites this probably is old news already.

Botcon - Thursday - Classics Cosmos

Aaron Archer showed a concept that got what I'd have to say was the biggest applause of the one panel.

He unveiled the concept drawings for a new "Classics" Cosmos that quite frankly would make an awesome toy.

Apparently the Hasbo VPs aren't too excited about this one so they did not greenlight it.

Balls! Nasty balls I say!

This is the kind of thing the Classics line should be about! Using modern design and technology to redo original characters.

Hopefully this will see the light of day.

All I can say is buy Classics. Have your friends buy Classics. If you want cool shit then this line needs to be supported and really successful!

Lexington Kentucky Wrap-Up.


So now that I got all the shit uploaded into the figure/image database I might as well get on with a review of my trip so I can get back to my real life repairing the stone walls of my basement.

The toy thing is fun every now and then but real life must intrude.

Classics Starscream


Classics Starscream

This is the 1734th Transformer I've ever purchased.

Classics Hot Rod

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Classics Hot Rod

I'm sorry. Rodimus is a shitty name. Not as shitty as Rodimus Major but shitty nonetheless.

This is the 1733rd Transformer I've ever purchased.

Classics Astrotrain

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Classics Astrotrain (in train mode)

This is the 1732nd Transformer I've ever purchased.

Classics Bumblebee


Classics Bumblebee

See Bumblebee? He kicks ass.

This is the 1731st Transformer I've ever purchased.

Micromaster Blaze Master

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G1 Micromaster Blaze Master

Evebird gave me a Blaze Master. He's missing the peg that holds his blades on but such is life.

This is the 1730th Transformer I've ever received.

Takara Super Link weapons give-aways

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Superlink Weapons Giveaways

I had to get rid of of some credit at a dealer's table (from the God Fire Convoy transaction) and was desperate to get some things of mild interest.

I settled for these Takara exclusive give-away weapons.

Car Robots bag

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Car Robots bag

Wil from Columbus saw this and notified me of it.

Totally lame but I had to have it for no good reason.

Three words: GOD MASTER SWORD!!!

Takara Super Link Buildron Giftset

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Takara Super Link Buildron giftset

I should have gotten some e-hobby figures or something more unique in the trade. But I went for size which was wrong. And I'm not even a size queen or anything like that. Seriously. I don't even own an original Fortress Maximus or Grand Maximus. In TF terms I'm a lightweight.

These are the 1725th and 17229th Transformers I've ever bought. And these I bought reluctantly.

Car Robots Super God Fire Convoy with God Master Sword Giftset


These are the 1723rd and 1724th Transformers I've ever bought and are quite frankly the only ones I'll ever need again.

Galaxy Force EX-02 Sonic Convoy with Coby Ramble Giftset

This set includes the Coby Ramble that only was released with the full exclusive.

These are the 1720th through 1722nd Transformers I've ever bought.

Takara G1 Star Saber

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Takara G1 Star Saber

Quite frankly I wasn't expecting to come home with any holy grail pieces. Dropping $300 down on this guy during room to room trading on Friday morning was probably a bad idea but in the end he was the nicest one I saw.

This is the 1719th Transformer I've ever purchased.

Botcon 2006

I really love this years "Beast Wars" inspired set called the "Dawns of Future Past".

The set contains pre-Beast moded figures for Optimus Primal, Rattrap, Cheetor, Rhinox, and Dinobot.

I love 'em all but Dinobot hasn't grown on me. I just will always hate TFs with the "gimpy arm" syndrome.

Only Shockwave is allowed to have it!

These are the 1714th through 1718th Transformers I've ever purchased.

Botcon 2006 Exclusive Buzzsaw and Laserbeak

I'm not a huge fan of these but I bought a set to complete the theme for the year.

These are the 1712th and 1713th Transformers I've ever purchased.

Botcon 2006 Exclusive Tigertron

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Botcon 2006 Exclusive Tigertron

Tigertron was extremely limited and only given to actual attendees who purchased the full package.

This is the 1711th Transformer I've ever purchased.

Botcon 2006 Exclusive Megatron and Waspinator

Talk about figures that are now going to be truly "collectable"... these two, especially Megatron, were in such high demand we were only allowed to buy 1 of each.

I really would like to take them out but since they are truly valuable now they may pay for other "holy grail" items I want.

Some people I know managed to sneak through the various tracking methods and get an extra one.

These are the 1709th and 1710th Transformer I've ever purchased.

Galaxy Force Gasket (police type)

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Galaxy Force Gasket (police type)

My biggest regret from the con was not getting a second one. The Japanese guys had them for only $20 while so many others were asking $35-$50.

This is the 1708th Transformer I've ever purchased.

Beast Machines Primal Prime


Beast Machines Primal Prime

I don't know why but this repaint of Optimal Optimus really seems to be expensive. I managed to find this one for $65 two booths down from someone with a $100 one.

This is the 1707th Transformer I've ever purchased.

Takara Beast Wars Returns Tankor

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Takara Beast Wars Returns Tankor

Now I just need to get all the other very expensive show-accurately colored Takara versions.

This is the 1706th Transformer I've ever purchased.

Galaxy Force Dark Nitro Convoy

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Galaxy Force Dark Nitro Convoy

He is one helluva nice redeco. He's of the "black" variety but has tons of teal highlights.

This is the 1705th Transformer I've ever purchased.

Robot Masters Reverse Convoy

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Robot Masters Reverse Convoy

This is the 1704th Transformer I've ever purchased.

Takara Super Link Convoy PVC

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Takara Super Link Convoy PVC

This is the 1703rd Transformer I've ever purchased.


Ok. At the moment I'm going to consider this the real actual chase figure and NOT the one from the Convoy vs Megatron two-pack.

The dealer says it is but I'm hesitant on that and will have to do more research.

This is the 1702nd Transformer I've ever purchased.

Takara Micromaster Crush-Bull

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Takara Micromaster Crush-Bull

He's part of the Six-Builder Micromaster reissue.

This is the 1701st Transformer I've ever purchased.

Robots In Disguise Optimus Prime (Sam's Club Exclusive)

I've wanted a loose one for so long. Now to find me a loose Sam's Club Ultra Magnus!

Purchased at Botcon 2006 from Tom during room trades. (Thanks Tom!!!)

This is the 1700th Transformer I've ever purchased.

Micromaster Roller Force

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Micromaster Roller Force

This is the 1699th Transformer I've ever purchased.

Jusco Exclusive Spychanger Eagle Killer

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Takara Jusco Exclusive Spychanger Eagle Killer

Finally! I managed to get one of the Takara JUSCO exclusive Spychangers!!! Only 5 more to go and let me tell you... these are a major pain in the ass.

This is the 1698th Transformer I've ever purchased.

Takara Car Robots Super Spychanger Ox, Eagle Killer, and WARS (x2)

These are the 1694th through 1697th Transformers I've ever purchased.

Takara Car Robots Super Spychanger Counter Arrow and Artfire

These are the 1692nd through 1693rd Transformers I've ever purchased.

Takara Car Robots Super Spychanger X-Car and WARS (translucent)

These are the 1690th through 1691st Transformers I've ever purchased.

The Botcon Haul of depressing doom!


IMG_3948 site.jpg

So. That's the official haul of evil.

Sick and disgusting isn't it?

Sall Struthers could feed a small Sudanese family of 10 for like 20 months on the cost of this plastic crack.

I suppose that's the kind of thing that makes me so guilty so often about this horrible sick affliction of mine.

I managed to acquire:

Takara ToysRUs Super God Fire Convoy with Master Sword Giftset (holy grail item)
Takara Star Saber (holy grail item)
Takara Jusco Car Robots Translucent Spychanger Eagle Killer (holy grail item)
Sam's Club RID Optimus Prime (I so wanted a loose one!)
Beast Machines Primal Prime (finally!)
Robot Masters Reverse Convoy (only 1 more to go to complete the set)
Takara Beast Wars Returns Tankor
Takara ToysRUs Super Link Buildtron giftset
Takara Galaxy Force Gasket (police type redeco)
Takara Galaxy Force EX-02 TRU Giftset with Sonic Convoy and Coby's Ramble
Takara Car Robots Super Spychanger Eagle Killer (blue)
Takara Car Robots Super Spychanger Ox (black and silver)
Takara Car Robots Super Spychanger WARS (translucent)
Takara Car Robots Super Spychanger WARS (x2) (teal)
Takara Car Robots Super Spychanger Counter Arrow (red and white)
Takara Car Robots Super Spychanger Autofire (white with blue flames)
Takara Car Robots Super Spychanger Crosswise (translucent green)
Takara PVC Convoy (battle-damaged chase version)
Micromaster Rollerforce
Takara Micromaster Crush-Bull (reissue)
Classics Starscream
Classics Bumblebee
Classics Astrotrain
Classics Hot Rod
Takara Super Link Convoy PVC
Takara Galaxy Force Dark Nitro Convoy
Botcon 2006 Exclusive Set
Botcon 2006 Exclusive Megatron/Waspinator set
Botcon 2006 Attendee Exclusive Tigatron
Botcon 2006 Exclusive Laserbeak/Buzzsaw set
some Takara extra Super Link weapons exclusives
A Car Robots little bag with Super God Fire Convoy on it.

Home again, naturally.


So all I can say is that down 3 flights of steps from this here Attic of Love is one extremly happy black and tan short-haired dachshund.

Yup. I'm back home in the Cowlands.

And other than a whole lotta new crack in the attic not much else has changed.

If you read the previous post you'll obviously know that it was a very good toy karma day.

Even Number Six, the Internet's Most Beloved Goldfish™, appears to be excited about the new Super God Fire Convoy in the Attic. I mean... who wouldn't be.

The big debate for me will be about if I open up my exclusives for display, especially Megatron, Waspinator, and Tigatron, who are now extremely "rare" due to their limited availability.

I think Star Saber will have to come out of his box. He's so purty!

Anyway, I'll be working up some video tomorrow and hopefully get some rather g-rated crap up. A lot of the raw stuff I shot is rather more vulgar than originally intended.

Anyway, I think this picture of Giga pretty much sums up the past few days for me and is more or less descriptive of the kinds of things that went on.

Botcon - Giga's general feeling about the con

Yup. And as stated in Dodgeball, one of the greatest films ever made... "L for love!" says Giga.

Botcon - Sunday - Behold! A Holy Grail Item Attained!!!The Takara Super God Fire Convoy Toys R Us Japanese Exclusive giftset is mine!

The Master-Fucking-God-Sword is in da haus baby!!!

Behold! It is done!


Botcon - Sunday - Behold! A Holy Grail Item Attained!!!The Takara Super God Fire Convoy Toys R Us Japanese Exclusive giftset is mine!

The Master-Fucking-God-Sword is in da haus baby!!!

Botcon Saturday Night Quickie

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Hey geeks!

Botcon Saturday night comes to a close. We just wrapped up some stops and some rooms and Wil's quest to find this guy TFMaster to buy his custom Alternators.

Tonight was the dinner and casino night and while the food was great, the execution of this even was really quite awful.

There weren't even remotely enough tables for people to sit at that forced many many people to have to try and stand with plates of food, some of which required cutting. Holding a drink was out of the question.

I'm fairly certain that this pissed of a helluva lot of people. If you got a table you were lucky.

It was just chaotic with way too many people in a small room. Awful. Just awful. We finally had to had to take our food out the frigg'n food court.

I was extremely happy with the con but it all fell apart for me here and definitely tarnished my opinions of what the meal could have been.

I gave all my casino money to Kristin and Tom to play with.

We basically stood around milling about. We really should have left but once people started gaming space kind of freed up and it wasn't so oppressive.

Had a strange run in with Peter Cullen that I thought was getting on video but wasn't. Grrrr. I'll discuss it later.

Oh. And outta the blue Crazy Steve came up and introduced himself to me. I forget that people actually read this blog sometimes and I don't really know any of you. It was quite startling. I'm not used to people coming up to me. Outside of the few Cowtowners I've met that collect TFs I don't really know others. I'm not into the message boards and beyond lurking there I rarely post. (Nice to briefly meet ya "Steve"!)

Ok. Enough for the moment.

I'll get some more stupid shit posted to Flickr soon.

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