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Perfection in transforming robot form.


Henkei Ligier/Rijie (Electro Disruptor exclusive)

Every now and then a Transformer comes along that is in this humble geeks opinion is perfection personified.

And that figure is most definitely now found in the recently released and generally expensive Henkei Ligier Electro Disruptor redeco.

Henkei Ligier/Rijie (Electro Disruptor exclusive)

I am a total whore for monochrome color palettes. And this version gives me that with more love than I ever could have hoped for.

Henkei Ligier/Rijie (Electro Disruptor exclusive)

The tiny splashes of red here and there over a generally translucent figure is just f'n amazing.


Henkei Ligier/Rijie (Electro Disruptor exclusive)

He is totally worth the $100 I spent on him.

He's better than all those ugly ass movie robots that have been released this past few months.

$100 for this version is better than dropping $100 for that ugly ass movie Devastator trash monster.

Henkei Ligier (Electro Disruptor exclusive)

Henkei Ligier/Rijie (Electro Disruptor exclusive)

I love him.

But I'm a sucker for certain translucent reissues.



Mickey Convoy

Future stuff.


So I was sorting through mail the other day and found the cat-shitter liner known as Master Collector.

Inside was the new TF Club magazine with some photos of the new Universe figures.

While I like the little Cosmos, I have to honestly say it is pretty sad that we'll never get a decent Cosmos. And it sucks because it was so close to reality.

I have zero interest in another Hot Rod... even a cheap Legends one. Actually, he looks a bit like Energon Rodimus and G1 Hot Rod sorta-kinda thrown together. (We already got a Deluxe Hot Rod. I see this little guy likely as repaint fodder.)

Warpath is ok. But quite frankly, what is up with Hasbro and these tankish designs that all kind of look the same? From just the picture, there's an Armada Megatron vibe. That's been used a couple of times hasn't it? Universe Galvatron has more of a traditional Warpath shape than the new one.

Dinobot's ok but I don't think I need another one. The last TakaraTomy reissue of the original will suffice.

While Rhinox things Warpath = Sex I gotta say that Wheelie = Sex outta this bunch.

Oh. From what little I've seen, Masterpiece Grimlock looks like he may be worth the price too!

I find it funny that TakaraTomy just loves the " brain cap" accessory for Grimlock. Their PVC came with it too while Hasbro left it off of the their version.

Make sweet sweet gay robot love to me.



Oh Inferno... make sweet sweet gay robot love to me.


I know he won't look that good in the plastic flesh.


They never do.

Well... except him.

And of course, I'm his bitch.

Oh la la!

Panties = Bunched!


Let's face it.

How often do you seem me get excited about a repaint?

Not very.

But man oh man... there's something about this yellow Mudflap that says "You will buy me and you will lick me all over and you will love me because of my intense insane yellowness and the rest of the world will hate us but you and I will make happy gay robot love with Botcon Hot Rod" or something like that.

Wow! It is like 22 days until the ゲイロボット大会.

In addition to the usual suspects, I know Ramen Junkie, Mister Terrific, Crazy Steve, and now Teresa will be there from around these parts of the internets.

While there's no major excitement for the con itself in me yet, I'm pretty certain I'll be finding time to make sweet sweet robot love to Earth-3 Hot Rod.


Yeah. Outta all the Botcon stuff he's definitely my favorite so far!

I mean... he's got the whole black deco thing going on but theres a little bit of heaven there in with the contast of that purple flame application.

He's love!

Love I tell you!

You can't deny it!

Ok. I'll spill the beans.



So I was talking with FP today and they said I could spill the beans about the Botcon 2009 exclusives.

Apparently, due to a constant stream of demands, they've caved in and are going to do a full set of exclusives with a truck theme.

And not only will it be a truck theme, they'll all have special Japanese Dekotora paint jobs and retooling!

I for one can't wait for these.


Totally awesome!!!

And there was much rejoicing.


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