That's all she wrote for now.


Well all of the rest of the shit I bought is in two huge boxes that I shipped out from the Botcon dealer's floor.

Hopefully they'll be here Thursday or Friday.

I think the following is generally accurate for the amount of money wasted this past week:

1 Con Box Set + Mirage
3 Alpha Trion/Weird Wolf sets (2 to sell to those who need it)
5 Hugger/Springer sets (4 to sell to those who need it)
1 e-Hobby Sunstorm
1 e-Hobby Kiss Play Cassette set
1 Super Spychanger Ox Clear Chase
1 Super Spychanger X-Car Clear Chase
1 full box unopened Car Robots Super Spychangers
1 Takara Beast Wars II Break
1 Botcon 2001 Tigatron exclusive
1 Takara Beast Wars II Longrack
1 set Takara Micromaster "Berserk" White Six-Wing
1 Takara Spychangers Giftset
1 Hasbro Pepsi Prime (no idea why I got this)
1 Vector Sigma Ball (no idea why I got this)
1 set Takara Galaxy Force translucent Legends figures
1 loose Takara Osake Toysland Exclusive clear Mach Alert


I might take one of those Springer / Huffer sets off your hands, if I've got the cash. :) What are you asking for 'em? (And / or a Weird Wolf too, if anyone figures they want to split the pack... I don't know what it is, but A3 just isn't doing it for me.)


That ain't Break! It's Longrack! Break is the Penguin!



Might be interested in a Alpha Trion/Weird Wolf set depending on how much you want for them...

I got both Break and Longrack this weekend.

AH! I only saw the pic of Longrack... I really want Break, he's near impossible to find by himself...


Break was a random purchase from some guy in the lobby.

Depending on the price I may be willing to split Alpha Trion/Wierdwolf with that other poster. I have no care for Weird Wolf.

I'd be interested in a set of Alpha Trion/Weirdwolf and Springer/Huffer, Nala. Been nice to see the con though this blog then some of the other banter on Seibertron. Let us know what the damages are and I'll get some cash out to ya. Thanks Nala glad you had a better time than you initially thought.

I'll let you all know when the stuff arrives.

I've keep track of all of your emails and posts so I have a general "first asked first gets" to follow.

Ramen: if it's in our shared financial range, then it's a deal. :)

BTW Nala, I saw someone on eBay trying to flog those lunchable freebie thingamajigs... for $25. I hope they actually succeed in selling them too...

I already mentioned that I'd split a Springer with someone... but if you don't know why you bought Pepsi Prime, I'll gladly give you your $25 back for him. :D


I bought a Pepsi Prime from the figured may as well pay $25 for it now rather than more for it later when I figure I'd want it.

Just curious, how much did the two con sets run? I haven't been able to find any reports telling the price.

$87 for the Alpha Trion/Weird Wolf
$47 for the Springer/Huffer
$16 for a yellow plastic hollow ball

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