Transformers Collectors Club Breakaway


Transformers Collectrors Club Breakaway

This guy arrived today.

Like his brothers, he'll stay in the bag until I get them all or decide to sell them off.

I wonder if Evebird has dumped his already. I don't think they ever stay in his possession for longer then 48 hours.

Transformers Collectors Club Breakaway is the 1975th Transformer that I've acquired.

I wish 1975 had been a bit more exciting.


I still havent gotten mine yet, however 2 days ago I received my extra volunteer Mirage Figure that FP had to mail me since they didnt have enough and yesterday I recevied 2 UPS packages each containing 5 Alpha Trion/Weirdwolfs. (Um... I only ordered 5). So now I have 11 of these sets >

11 Alpha Trions/Weirdwolfs >

n10zguy - Interested in maybe selling me an extra Alpha Trion/Weirdwolf set at a decent price?

Nala - So, what are the rights & privileges of being a TF collector club member? LOL

I personally was given the privilege of dropping $2000 to go to Botcon.

Unless you go to Botcon and want the tiny discount it offers there's no real reason to join.

n10zguy---I second DL's sentiment---I would love to have alpha trion and weirdwolf, so if you're interested in selling any of them, please let me know.

I'm thirding that sentiment! I wasn't holding out too much hope for Alpha Trion, eBay scalpers being what they are.

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