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Botcon 2007 Springer (Botcon Exclusive)

Botcon 2007 Huffer (Botcon Exclusive)

I've got one Botcon 2007 Springer/Huffer set still available for $80 + whatever shipping is via USPS.

The last set and an Alpha Trion/Weirdwolf just went out the door to Maldroth, and DL and McBeardo should have gotten their crack already.

Email me by Friday if you want it or else it is off to the eBay.

So the toy show sucked for those of use with Transformers-related merchandise.

This will be the 2nd show where this stuff just didn't move and people had barely any interest in it.

Anyway, we got there a little after 7 to start setting up again and reprice and generally organize our shit.

Will joined us and we were all ready to make some money!

Columbus Toy Show 2007 - Our booth of stuff.

Toyshow 2007 - The Setup is Done


So Evebird helped us move a few things but all in all, the trailer and the pickup bed handled just about everything.

Columbus Toy Show 2007 - Setting up our booth.

So Mister and Mrs. B. met us all at the convention center and helped us setup.

Mister H. showed up with his stuff to add to the tables and shelves which is nice because combined it looks like he and I have 70% or more of the TF stuff. Thankfully very little of what we have conflicts.

Columbus Toy Show 2007 - Holy crap! This dealer's got the new Who toys!

This one dealer has a ton of the new Who toys. Giga and I got our panties in bunches over this crap! I so want that die-cast TARDIS for my office.

I even sold $33 in comics already (to other dealers) and Mister B. and Evebird bought some of Giga's stuff. One guy wanted Will's GIJoe stuff but I'm not sure if he sold it or not.

Columbus Toy Show 2007 - G'nite toys and comics. See you tomorrow.

The toys and comics are all now asleep under sheets and are awaiting their move to new homes tomorrow.

We'll be there bright at early at 7am.

It is gonna be a helluva long day.

Packing for the toy show...

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So the sorting and packing and prepping for the toy show continues.

We went and picked up the trailer for Giga's Deluxe Luxury pickup. Between that, the pickup bed, Alex B's CRV, and Evebird's station wagon we should do ok with space to move all this in one trip for set-up tonight.

Well, I got 1 table down and packed up for the show!I managed to get the Marvel comics sorted and boxed up for sale. There's just too much DC stuff from the past 30 years to deal with. It'll take weeks to sort that. (But we have a space rental it can all go into once sorted!)

I wish I could get more but I'm just hoping somebody will buy the Marvel stuff. I'm only asking 25-50 cents for most of these books. Thousands and thousands of dollars spent on comics over 3 decades and all I want to do is get rid of them now. I'd love to make a bit more though just to add to the downpayment on the new house.

Byrne Fantastic Four for Mister McBeardo

I got all of the Byrne Fantastic Four and Simonson Thors from the 80s pulled out for Frowny.

God there's some good shit here. Better than any of the crap Marvel has produced from the 90s onward if ya ask me.

Giga sort'n through his shit.

Giga's been sorting and determining what he doesn't want to sell. Honestly, the show last year and this show is all about his stuff. I'm just trying to blow out my duplicate TFs and get some comics moved.

TFs binned up.

I'm taking a ton of extra Energon and Armada shit as well as some exclusives. I've got a G1 Takara MIB (with instructions and stickers) Star Saber starting at $400 and a CostCo Energon Exclusive 2-Pack of Urine Prime and Overload for $75. Add my OTFCC Exclusive Megazarek for $90 and those are the 3 highest price things I have to sell at the show. Everything else is between 25 cents and $30.

Oh well.

Time to go sort some more shit.

Columbus Toy and Comic Show


Don't forget... if you are the the vicinity of Cowtown tomorrow, Sunday, April 29 is the Columbus Toy and Comic Show at Vet's Memorial from 10am to 4pm.

CTS - Out booth the night before the show. Can you guess which crap is mine?

Join Nala and Giga and their geek loser friends for excitement and plastic deals aplenty!

Who knows... you may be the first winner in Nala's new "Unlucky Draw" contest!

*Note: Pic is from last year with a stinky sweaty Giga!

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