More eBay bad craziness.


And speaking of eBay, I have no idea what is being smoked out of the pipes by the people bidding on this Botcon 2005 FlameUp figure.

With 2 hours to go it is at $379.85!

I'm sorry but I didn't even pay that for Botcon Antagony, and she's a helluva lot cooler, larger, and rarer, than one of 3 Energon Arcee repaints from that year.

Hell... FlameUp isn't even the rarer Attendee Flame War!

Bad craziness there.


what's wrong with people?!!

Could have got this for $30-50 6 months ago.

Chalk it up to the movie I guess...

Never ceases to amaze me the amount of dough one will spend on one toy.

This reminds me of Jay Leno's "Sold or Not sold" section in his show :)

I dont think Flamewar was rarer than Flare-Up. There were only 500 Flare-Ups but there were enough Flamewars to give out to all the attendees that bought the boxset that year plus the extras the volunteers got and then they had so many left that they were offering them as an option to 2006 attendees instead of a Tigertron )even the Volunteers that year only got 1 extra Tigertron and 1 Flamewar).

Maybe everyone listened to Nala's instructions in his earlier post on repaint sector 7 Arcee: it is the best color scheme for the Arcee mold and everyone should throw all other Arcee repaints into the trash and now BotCon Flameup is super hot!!

(pun intended)


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