I was very glad to see that, one of the most worthwhile practical TF sites in existence, got updated today.

I'm assuming that Ant who runs the site is the same Ant that hoop mentioned last week and who has commented here a couple of times.

Well all I want to say is thanks! has proven to be one of the most valuable resources in existence for me and if people don't thank you then they should. In loads!

I may have almost 2000 roboplasticos (I'm stealing this from Crazy Steve) but I'm a geek that doesn't have time or to memorize stuff like this or that missile and so forth. has saved me countless hours when it came to assembling the right stuff with the right bot.

No doubt, due to the shitastic job I've done of just putting loose figures in this or that box, I'll have to resort to in the future after I've purchased the House of Love IV to display the collection again.


Someone else named Ant? Wow!

I've known about 7 people that have gone by that moniker since 1990 or so.

So, does belong to you?

I find it useful too for IDing missiles.

I hate losing missiles to accidental fireing and then the bottom of "the tubs". So I keep a shoe box full of nothing but missiles. Missiles from all sorts of lines. If I were to light it on fire and the missiles were to explode like real missiles I could probably destroy the earth with this shoe box.

Anyway, the point is, I have no clue who most of these missiles go to. There are exceptions too, G1 stuff in the plastic display case, Japanese toys, toys like Arcee that look better with the missiles in place etc.

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