Just call me Professor IANA.


Giga got some new non-transforming plastic crack today.

The Face of Boe is in the House of Love!!!

The Face of Boe has arrived!

And the 10th Doctor, Dalek Sec, and Cyberman 3-Pack has arrived!

The Doctor, Dalek Sec, and a Cyberman


Cool! Where's he get the 3 figure pack from?

WhoNA.com. Shipping was fast (I ordered on Thursday, they shipped Friday and arrived Monday) and prices were good.

There's also a Genesis Ark pack that I haven't opened. I need to finish some things around the house before I finish opening everything and photographing it.

No more Who buying for me till September.

BTW, didn't you mean YANA?

No. With Boe in the attic I Am Not Alone.

The Face of Boe reminds me of a Guild Navigator...

Thanks for the site giga ... gotta check it out. I want me a TARDIS peggy bank!

You can also find stuff on Amazon... there was just a better deal on WhoNA than with Amazon resellers on some of the items.

As always, shop around.

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