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Ok. Now you all know I'm definitely in a downward spiral in regards to Transformers in 2007 and all so that may make me a bit cynical about some of the more useless non-toy product they hope fans mindlessly purchase but this one really seems to be the most pointless in my book.

A Transformers/Avengers comic team-up?!?!


Why oh why?!?!?

While it might cause panic on Earth, the idea of the Transformers and Marvel's Avengers meeting each other has caused excitement both among fans and deep in the halls of comic publishing houses.
That just screams as copy ad from a marketing department.

At least TFs and GIJoe have a history of development both in comics and even in the TF cartoon to some extent.

But the frigg'n Avengers? Ugh!


This strange team-up even extends to toy products that Evebird and I were discussing the other day.

Hasbro will be cranking out those deformed TFs like they do Star Wars and Marvel characters right? And they are now churing out Star Wars Transformers and so forth.

Hasbro seems to be mixing and matching their product "types" regardless of the brand to maximize profits. Ok. I understand that. They are a business.

But exactly when can we expect an official Transformers AND GIJoe toyline?!?!?!

They are both essentially owned exclusively by Hasbro, have a history together that goes back 20 years, and quite frankly is the most logical cross-over product.

Am I blind in this? Am I retarded here?

Balloon knot!



George Takei's back on Stern next week!!!

I love the fact that I really never took any notice of George Takei other than the stereotypical view of his character Sulu but now that he spends a couple of weeks a year on the Stern show I wait with anticipation for it.

Stupid. I know.

I like this specific mold and all but does anyone really care about these "exclusives"?

I know Evebird's go from his mailbox to ebay in about 3 minutes when they arrive and I've just thrown them up on the shelf never to be opened or probably looked at again.

And while I'm on the topic of Transformers exclusives, where the hell is the Armada redeco as Astrotrain and my two Airrazor exclusives I ordered?!?!?!

I paid for those quite some time ago and obviosly, they never shipped since I haven't seen a single person post pics or do any kind of post about them.

Gotsta get me some Black Convoy


2007_02_26_binaltechblackco.jpgI needs to get me one of these Wonder Festival 2007 Exclusive Binaltech Black Convoys soon.

There's something about the deco that looks nicer than the Hasbro Nemesis Prime exclusive from last year's San Diego Con.

Takara seems to have modified the Hasbro packaging too. I was wondering if this would come in a KISS Player box or old-school Binaltech box but ya know, I like it.

They typically have done very differently colored packaging for exclusives and this maintains that trend.

You know it doesn't belong to any mainstream line.

I like that.

I like that a lot.

Now that's my Megatron!



After all the many years and many incarnations of the character, I've never warmed to any version other than the original.

And I exclude Beast Megatron because I don't consider him the "same" in the general duality of opposing leaders that have existed in all series other than the Beast ones. Same goes for Gigatron, who Hasbro turned into RID Megatron.

I so needs to get me a Revoltech Megatron!!!

I don't care if he doesn't transform. He looks balls bounc'n sweet!



Kevin Church, The Website Guy, is one of my favorite comic-related bloggers. His BeaucoupKevin.com regularly provides me with daily entertainment.

He recently wrote an "An Open Letter To Comics Fans" that practically screams, with minor revision of context, at Transformer fans. Hell... it applies to most fandoms in general.

I guess the TF trigger was...

While I'm at it, if you're getting excited over Watchmen as a two-hour movie, then go fuck yourself. No, really, go ahead and do it now - I'll wait. Superhero comics have their very own Finnegans Wake and The Crying of Lot 49 rolled into one, beautiful piece of work and you want to see it raped and reduced to a 120-minute running time? What the hell is wrong with you? Support the medium, not the bastardization thereof.
I completely understand this from a Watchmen point of view.

And I can totally apply this to toy-geek-based-stuff being turned into Hollywood-fare.

I'm guilty of supporting Hasbro spewing out TF shit just because it is TF shit.

That's changed a lot over the past 6 months or so and I'm thankful for that.

Then again, looking at this diatribe, comics are their own beast from toys but the strange adult fandom that has crept up around children's toys is pretty much complementary to the comics adult fandom.

Alas, I've been a part of both worlds and all I can say is we are a very very scary lot indeed.

Note: Kevin's post was inspired by this Gizmodo post which is insanely great.

You can never have enough purple and grey.


Robot Heroes ShockwaveEvebird sent me this link about a super deformed Shockwave coming out in that Robot Heroes line.

I normally would completely pass on this stuff but how often does Hasbro come out with an iteration of G1 Shockwave? (And no, I don't count the Alternator!)

There's a part of me that hopes Hasbro decides to do a 6" Titanium of him.

And there's a deeper darker more evil part of me that hopes Takara does a Masterpiece Shockwave.

At least I won't have to try to steal someone's overpriced chess piece now. I can settle for this little deformed one.

The Grimlock? He'll no doubt end up in the pile of KISS Player girls.

Nala + Spyshot 6... sitting in a tree...


Remy Rodis' Spyshot

Ohmygod. I'm in love with a piece of plastic and it doesn't have the words "Black" or "Fire" in the name!

Pssst... Spyshot 6? Remy Rodis make pretty pictures of you.

WIP Classics Ultra Magnus Armor

Ramen Junkie's kitbashing some armor for Classics Ultra Magnus with the various parts from a G1 Magnus.

Now I wish I could make molds and work with resins and such.

I've had an idea for add-on armor for MP-02 Magnus but it would just require too much geek time and I don't have that kind of time anymore.

I could probably use "found" parts from Gundam kits or other TFs but what I envision and what it would end up looking like just would differ too much for me to even attempt it. (The armor would have to combine to form something that would fit on the back of Magnus in alt mode for me to be happy.)

I also really want to kitbash Classics Optimus Prime into a God Ginrai too.

Seekers In Formation


Seekers In Formation
Originally uploaded by revlimiter.net.
Revlimiter's "dirtification" of the Classics Seekers continues.

They really look so much better, especially Ramjet.

He's just not very interesting to me.


6 Inch Titanium Ultra MagnusWell the 6" Titanium G1 Ultra Magnus, the first non-Optimus repaint in a very long time (not counting Energon Ultra Magnus) is set to hit toy shelves soon.

I never understood why fandom seems to both simultaneously love and loathe G1 Ultra Magnus.

I never cared for him in the show and I found his G1 toy an utter piece of crap.

But people still seem to love him.


I'm a God Magnus fan myself.

Now God Magnus is one helluva reinterpretation of Ultra Magnus if ever there was one.

He's stronger than Fire Convoy and has one major chip on his shoulder.

Hell... he's strong enough to even impart his energy onto the Autobot brothers so they can "power" up.

That's the kinda of Ultra Magnus I want!

I'll probably buy this 6" version just because he's not a straight repaint like we've gotten for so many years now.

But he's not that great looking is he. Big body. Small head.

Oh well.

Now can we please get Titanium War Within Megatron soon?

Or better yet... since we are getting a 6" Titanium Fire Convoy... how about a God Magnus to go with him!!! (And give him some articulate knees while you're at it!)

Because I can...


I should probably post this over at Paper Crack but I haven't been devoting any time to that site yet.

But I give you two of the greatest Green Lantern short stories ever written by Alan Moore:

"Mogo doesn't socialize!"
and "In Blackest Night!"



Shockwave chess pieceOk. I've been going on lately about the miscellaneous flotsam and jetsam of Transformers crap that is being produced. Sure, most of it is movie related but there's still a ton of G1-inspired product that just keeps getting churned out.

Now exactly who is the audience for a$300 G1 Transformer Chess Set?

For $300 you can get a Takara G1 Star Saber or even a Victory Leo. $300 buys you a helluva lot of actual Transformers if you want. I just turned down buying a lot of Headmaster and Pretenders for that!

Now what would be cool is if they'd make the pieces available for purchase individually for say $6 a piece.

I wouldn't think twice about dropping that on the Shockwave piece, the rook of the set.

They all kind of look like PVC-ish anyway and Takara unfortunately never made a Shockwave PCV, must to the dismay of the world.


And I can only imagine how dreadful it will be to end up at the Gay Robot Convention and see adults with this on.

Like I said yesterday, 2007 is going to be a bad year for the adult Transformers collector.

Maybe it will indeed be the ideal time to kick this habit of mine.

Maybe now is the time to pull out.


2007 will be a horrid year for the adult Transformer collector.


Happy Valentine's Day

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valentine's from polite dissent

Scott (of Polite Dissent) fame still produces the best Legion Valentine's year after year.

Of course, you kinda sorta need to know a bit about the Legion of Super-Heroes to truly enjoy them

Now G2? That should be totally forgotten!


So there's a ton of busts, statues, and shit-like-that coming out.

It still amazes me that the only shit like this produced is inevitably focused on G1 characters.

If Hasbro had their way, I don' think they'd hesitate to kill off G1 completely.

Then again, they probably don't care what crack addicts buy as long as it is something Hasbro makes or licenses.

Of course, anybody under the age of 27 or so, and not part of TF geekdom, would have absolutely no idea who most of these characters are.

Well... of Unicron maybe.


I'm bored shitless so I've been looking at the deluge of Transformers-related shit coming out due to the movie.

I'm usually totally oblivious to movie-related merchandise but of course, it is impossible for me not to be exposed to this stuff in some form or other.

Crappy puzzles, useless trinkets, mugs, mini-bust crap, and even a cookie jar!

On the whole, Hasbro has been pretty reluctant to license the TF stuff and hasn't done much since G1 really.

I just foresee this shit clogging shelves much like all of the usless Superman Returns crap that can still be found on clearance.

What'll be sad if adult collectors go for all this crap.

One or two trinkets like key chains and such is perfectly fine but this deluge of product is just insane.

I suppose we have Star Wars to blame.

I mean, the world would be an empty place if they had not produced that Darth Vader on the motorcycle toy.



I have zero experience with gaming.

And I'm pretty happy keeping it that way.

My only experience with that Warcraft game was some thing Giga used to play 8 years ago where some voice was always saying "You're the Captain" and then a South Park episode from last season.

I know some of you are probably gamers.

But I just don't understand it.

I think I'm too old.

I only like 1 joystick and 1 red button in my games. Two buttons max.

I edited my first Wikipedia entry today.

I'm not much of a writer, but the original entry looked to be copy and pasted from a translation program like babelfish or something.

I attempted something a bit better and easier to read.

I need to do more work.

This is bat country!

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This is bat country!

Sometimes I think being a TF geek, and especially going to a Botcon, is very much like entering bat country.

No point in mentioning these bats, I thought. Poor bastard will see them soon enough.

PVC madness!


So I started trying to clean up some of the mess in the Attic and took some new inventory photos of some of my PVCs.

However, I'm missing some too. They appear to be lost in the Attic somewhere.

Oh well.

Ultimate Bumblebee


Hasbro's got some official stuff up about Transformer film toys finally.

I find it immensely funny how this information is "officially" revealed but of course, there have been so many leaked images of prototypes, in package toys, and other unofficial news over the past 5 months.

The internets has pretty much destroyed surprises in the geek collector realm.

However, one item does stand out that I can't recall having read about before:

Ooooohhhh!!! I'm a Kroton!!!

Stock vs. Custom Ramjet

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Stock vs. Custom Ramjet
Originally uploaded by revlimiter.net.
revlimiter.net has done a fantastic, yet simple, customization to Classics Ramjet that really improves the figure.

Making him dirty really brings out the detail and almost makes him look like a well painted model.

I wonder if Classics Jetfire could benefit from this treatment.

So much to do.

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I've decided that I'm going to try and get a mental reset this weekend before departing on trying to get back on track with my life.n

Lately I've gotten way off track from the house repairs and most importantly, my diet and gym time.

Getting the shingles really had a major negative impact on me. Being so stressed out, getting sick, and then I think the drugs I was on, make me ravenous and I started consuming massive quantities of utter shit on a regular basis.

I've been paying for it the past 2 weeks.

I have to get back into the swing of getting up at 4am and off to the gym, into work at 7am, home by 3:30pm, and then working on the basement until 7 or 8pm.

It is the only way I can get back on track.

This slacking off has to end now.

So to that effect what will I be doing?

I'm going to slack off tonight and the rest of the weekend and try to clean the Attic of Love™ up, getting the toys I've bought for people shipped out, and maybe trying to clean up the new vintage deco dining room furniture and get it all set up.

Then at least I'll feel like I can start Monday morning off bright and early at 4am without being reminded I have to get this crap done.

Alas, I still haven't touched the voluminous paper crack yet.

Custom Masterpiece Mirage


Fantastic Custom MP Mirage

I could swear I saw this before but I don't remember this many pictures.

Check out this ebay auction for a Custom Masterpiece Mirage.

How To Make Cheesy Sci-Fi.

And yes. Transformers pretty much nails every aspect.

Boring Laws of Physics You Have To Ignore? Check!
Boring Laws of Chemistry You Have To Ignore? Check!
Boring Laws of Biology You Have To Ignore? Check!
Boring Laws of Economy You Have To Ignore? Check!
Mechas? Obviously. Check!
Energy beams? Check!
Teleporters? Check!
Automatic Translators?Check!
Control panels with aleatory blinking unnamed buttons? Check!
Mollusk-like Aliens? Check!
Paranormals? Check!
Spandex? Check!
Old wise people and a kid that is the "chosen one"? Oh my god! Check! Check! Check!
Monarchy? Check!
Robot? Duh! Check!
Invincible Foes? Check!
Slavery? Check!

Because life must go on...


RIP Anna Nicole Smith



I don't know why but if Hasbro is limiting Botcon to the Classics molds, which would totally suck, I have a feeling that we'll end up with a Nemesis Prime out of the Optimus Mold.

I don't know why.

Maybe it was the recently unveiled logo.

Don't get me wrong.

It is a good mold.

But I've got no excitement for what Botcon may offer this year as exclusives.

I guess these repaints and minor retools just don't hold much excitement anymore.

I'm also finding myself throwing toys around the attic without a concern in the world that they could break. That's a new development in me.

A photo here. A photo there.


So I putzed around today.

Will I get a Miriya Parino fix at all?

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So while Evebird and I were at Target at lunch I found the recently released Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles direct-to-dvd film.

Now while I'm really not into any toys, I'm a massive Robotech fan going back over 20 years now.

I used to rent the videos while I was babysitting my then 7-9 year-old cousins, way back during the long long long ago of the mid 1980s. The fact that The Cousin recently turned 30 shows how damn old I am.


I'm a huge fan of the novelizations, as well as the way they finished off (and added to along the way) the entire Robotech story.

"The End of the Circle" was a perfect ending to the stories and so many wankers get bent out of shape by what the novels did.

So... anyway... Harmony Gold decided to finally animate a conclusion to Robotech, invalidating anything the novels did.

I'll let you know how it all turns out.


Courtesty of Giga via a link from Kelmeister.

Leto II wouldn't approve.

Cybertron Buzzsaw (closeup)

I'm actually really glad that Takara retooled the gimmick and head of Micron Densetsu Sandstorm mold to create a strange character inspired by a Beast Wars repaint that used the "robot" head instead of the Waspinator mutant head.

Takara Gasket (Police Type) Exclusive


Takara Gasket (Police Type Exclusive) Face

I'm in a very weird mood today and actually opened my only Takara Gasket figure done up in the police deco.

It is quite possibly one of the finest repaints I've seen in a basic figure.


I have to push the pram a lot.

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Ragnell's entry to Brandon's new meme immediately made me think of this:


Ugh! I hate being derivative. But hey, It is 5:50am in the morning and I'm catching up with all my favorite comic bloggers.

Some way ugly shit.


Um. Ok. I'm just gonna say it.

This is some ugly shit.

Way ugly shit.

It was zero degrees outside when I left for work this morning.

But the House of Love is warm.

FurnaceDude got it working yesterday.

You don't realize how important heat is here in the Cowlands until the temperature inside your house hits 40 degrees.

Heat is nice.

I must have you!


RID PrimeOf course around these parts love of the Fire Convoy mold is a given.

It was RID Optimus Prime, along with Team Bullet Train and Wedge, that got me into serious crack addiction back in 2001 or so.

Remy Rodis' 6" Titantium RID Optimus Prime gallery is fantastic!

Sure, there's a lack of detail due to the size of his head and all but I'm not going to let that ruin him for me.

He's just great!

Plastic Crack with an International Destiny


Plastic Crack with an International Destiny


One of these is headed to Brunei and the other is headed to "The Garden of England".

It isn't often that I have crack to ship so far away.

Cerebros needs a little makeup.


G1 Cerebrose (Fort Max head mode)

One of my favorite things from the Japanese Headmasters series is the fact that "Fortress" (aka Cerebros), is kind of impractical as a Transformer being that he's this massive space travelling base/city/robot.

So much of Fortress' time is just spent hanging out in head mode on the bridge of his body's space ship mode.

I just like it. It is utterly absurd.

Plus, I love the fact that everybody just refers to him as "Commander" too.

Not as retarded as I think I am!


You'd be shocked at the number of emails I get from this site that are from people, usually parents, trying to understand a given figure, trying to track down a figure a kid is looking for that they don't know about, or most recently instructions on how to transform something.

So far I think I've been able to reply with the correct answers or at least point people in the right direction for the information they need.

That makes me feel kinda nice actually.

At least some of this pointless useless knowledge can benefit others.


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Furnace is out again.

It was a very cold night outside (3 degrees) and pretty cold inside (40 degrees).

FurnaceDude will be here in a few hours.

Need... heat... badly...

The Hoont who wont get up.


hoont who wont get up.
Originally uploaded by m-giga-t.
I always find it hilarious how Hensley reacts so differently to Giga than he does to me.

He knows exactly who is coming down the stairs and for me is usually bouncing up and down in anticipation of being greeted by his humble servant.

For Giga, he barely cares enough to lift his head out of the bed and glare with his evil dachshund eyes.

Then again, he has been and always will be my dog.

He's always had a preference for the fat one.

I've decided to just get a new index design up and slowly build up the design piece by piece until I got most of the elements back that I want.

However, a lot of people do seem to read via the rss feed and you'll get the same old direct blog fodder you always have.

Why am I doing this?

Basically I'm trying to learn the new XML shit in Movable Type. And redesigning from scratch might as well happen.

I really wanted it all ready to go up when a certain something arrived but life had to intrude.

I've slacked off enough tonight.


Well... now on to Black God Magnus!


I know.

It is kind of anti-climactic now isn't it?

But hey, now I can spend the next years of my life obsessing about acquiring the mythological Black God Magnus, purported to be only 10 in number.

Can you imagine how beautiful a Black Super God Fire Convoy would look?

Oh. And Black Super Fire Convoy is to be placed in the crematorium with me when I get torched.

Lucky Draw Black Super Fire Convoy


Lucky Draw Black Super Fire Convoy


The most Holy of Holy Grails!

And after 6 years... I now own one!!!

I actually now own the figure that I consider to be the greatest Transformer ever made!!!

There are only 520 of them in existence and this one is now in the Attic of Love!!!

Lucky Draw Black Super Fire Convoy is the 1827th Transformer that I've acquired.

And after getting him... do I ever need anything else?

Stare at him! Love him! Bow to his power and beauty!

G1 Fortress Maximus, Cerebros, and Spike


G1 Fortress Maximus, Cerebros, and Spike

He doesn't really fit in the light box.

He's a bit dusty and needs some love.

And yes, I'm going to count him as 3 bots since in the American continuity you can almost count him as such. Definitely 1 bot + Spike at least.

(If and when I get a Takara version I'll only count him as 1 since that's the way he really is supposed to be. Plus I like that continuity a thousand times better than the lame ass Nebulos/Rebirth storyline.)

Fortress Maximus, Cerebros, and Spike are the 1824th - 1826th Transformers that I've acquired.

And into the Attic of Love it ascends!


It has arrived!!!

Well. It finally is in my possession.

I'll get around to opening later this afternoon when I get home from work.

Hell. It may be better never to open it and just have it sit there in the corner. I'll know it is there. You'll know it is there. And I won't be tempted to take it out of the package.

Suffice to say, I should probably take it outside, douse it in gasoline, and light in on fire.

And for those of you who haven't guessed what it could be, here's a hint: It is an Autobot.

Worst Photo of Fortress Maximus Ever!

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Worst photo of Fortress Maximus ever!

Oh Happy Day!

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I quickly ran into my office to check email and there's a Fort Max in a box here, a TF comic featuring Shockwave, and the entire RID show including the un-aired episodes waiting for me.

I've got 20 minutes during lunch to go to the post office and pick the awesomeness up.

Man. With plastic crack it seems I go through months of dry spells and then tons of crap all in a row.


I'm out of here!

Tomy-Takara Beast Wars repaints


So in Japan, they are rerunning Beast Wars and Tomy-Takara is rereleasing some Beast Wars molds again.

However, some of them differ from what Hasbro recently released and 2 of them stand out enough that I'll want to get them.

Takara Reissue CheetorThe repainted Cheetor is really nice figure and looks so much better than the previous releases and repaints of it.

Dare I say he almost looks exactly like he does in the show, or as much as one can expect from that mold.

I'll definitely be getting him soon.

And the Black Arachnia repaint is really good too and far superior to the original Hasbro version that looks nothing like the character.

On the whole, there never has been a real good figure for the original pre-Transmetal 2 Black Arachnia. She was pretty much just a repaint of Tarantulus where you swapped the "mutant" heads for one character or the other. Pretty lame but hey, I can see why the did it.

Takara Repaint Black ArachniaBut leave it to the Japanese to finally repaint it looking like the actual characters.

And speaking of decently painted practically show-accurate characters, Evebird got a huge lot of Takara Beast Wars Returns figures off of Ebay recently.

I can't find the link he sent so I can't verify what he got. I may snag some of his extras.

Then again, I've been buying a ton of crack lately and any sense of budge went out the door in January.

And JN, who sold me the Fort Max, also has a Grand Slam and some miscellaneous Headmaster parts I may want.

I promised myself that if I ever acquired a certain figure I'd probably stop collecting.

Yeah. Right.

Addiction. Lame ass adult toy collector addiction.


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