Chicago - Of course I found a strip mall.


Chicago Trip - Yay! I found a Target!So this being the Midwest, I figured there had to be a strip mall around here so after looking at the lackluster menu, I ventured out and just on the other side of an 8 lane highway I found a Target, a Chipotle, and IHOP, and a ton of other small restaurants!

Alas, Target did not have the 2 sets of Robot Heroes I needed or the Sector 7 Skyblast but I did get Beef Jerky and soda so life's all good.

All I've got is my laptop and television to keep me company tonight.

Wow. I didn't notice it before but Uriah Faber has a body reminiscent of The Cousin when he was still wrestling. Damn.

Of course The Cousin didn't do MMA but I can imagine this'd be his body if he did. It is like The Cousin x 2.

Bad craziness.


Lemme guess you need Jazz/Thundercracker and optimus/unicron? to be honest i dont think they exist because i've looked everywhere myself for them but if i find them you want me to hook you up?

I have seen all four of the newest wave just about everywhere I've gone. TRUs and Targets in Louisiana, Mississippi and Baton Rouge. Hell, my closest Target already has those and the movie toys on sale. $5.39 (instead of $5.99) for the Heros, $8.99 for movie deluxes and $17.99 for Voyagers. (Not much, I know, but damn, they just came out.)

Anyone looking for anything, let me know. Be glad to help a brutha out.

Newly released TFs already on sale??
Dang ...

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