Interlude: In which I pontificate about the meganess of Angela Bassett


So I'm laying here in the Bed of Love™ on a Sunday morning watching the idiot box and flipped on Strange Days from 1995.

Yea. I know. Twelve years late to watch this.

Anyway, Angela Bassett is just awesome in this! Amazingly awesome.

I always thought she was hot and strong, but in this flick she is is hot and strong and intense!

She's like 49 now but man... I'm not usually the MILF type but oh la la!

Giga walks in and says "She'd make a great Mercy" and he's totally dead on right.

Mercy Graves
is Lex Luthor's personal bodyguard in Superman: The Animated Series and when done right, she's a fantastic strong female character, both strong and sexy and totally in control.

I'm watching this movie now and thinking how great the gods-awful Superman Returns could have been if they had used the modern comics and animated series as source material instead of the tired old Richard Donner 70s shit.


Like Collateral, it's a well done movie that degenerates into a third rate chase film towards the end. But yeah, pretty good.

What's MILF?

Angela Bassett is such a bad ass in Strange Days. She kicks butt and manages to be completely sexy. :D The crazy thing is shes even hotter now!

I think you should Google that one. But not at work.

Beverly DeAngelo is the lady that graces my dreams. She's seriously hot in a milf kinda way.

Hmmm. I haven't seen Beverly DeAngelo in ages.

She's from Cowtown you know!

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