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Merry Christmas robot geeks!

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So. I'm off to the far wastelands that are northwest Ohio!

Merry Christmas!

May the Krampus avoid you this year.

Worst wrapping I have ever done.

I leave you with a picture of the single worst wrapping I have ever done.

Thankfully, my cousinling won't care.

Gay Robot Convention 2010... Florida...


Just to be on the safe side I went ahead and reserved a room for the GRC.

I've never been to Florida. Never really wanted to go.

However, I'd kinda like to go to Epcot and stuff.

Henkei Ghost Starscream

Henkei Ghost Starscream (Exclusive)

My god! Even in the package he's beautiful.

Takara really knows how to do transparent figures! He's goddamn pretty!

He and Crystal Convoy will make sweet sweet love on the shelf together.

Looks like he's number 2222 in the collection too.



I've been out of the TF loop for at least 6 months now.

I haven't gone into a forum since before Botcon and I haven't been to a TF website for some time.

Imagine my surprise today in coming across Mastercollectables Nova Prime and Wheeljack kits today.


Those are nice!


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A Transformer I've had on order for what seems like a year now will arrive tomorrow.

Transformers linen napkins.

So at least week's Pierogi Day my friend Forest presented me with a set of embroidered Transformers symbol napkin linens he made!

I have enough for a seating of 8!

Bad craziness!

TFU Mini-Con Class 10 Pack

TFU Universe Windrazor, Ransack, Stockade, Overcharge, Sky Shadow, Scanvenger, Longview, Snow Cat, Treadshot, and Crosshairs. So... Ya think Hasbro is gonna trot out Mini-Con repaint sets every time they need to keep some names in use?

Found this the other day. Some of them are pretty cool repaints.

I know I mentioned something once and never followed up on it.


Anyway... in 2010 I hope to become a father.

No. I won't be birth'n no babies or such. I'll leave that to The Cousin and Hoop.

No. I've decided to adopt a child. Actually, I hope to adopt siblings. Two boys or a boy and a girl.

My life is surprisingly stable except for the bad back and knees and I'm not getting younger.

I'm staring at 40 right now and I realized something several months ago.

I had always wanted to be a parent. And somehow along the way I ignored that and went about other business.

But I realized that deep down the urge never went away. I just suppressed it and said "Oh... it won't happen."

Well... in 2010 I'm going to do my best to make it happen.

So hopefully by this time next year I'll be a father.

And yes... there will be a time in the future when even this little downsized Crack Den of mine has to become a child's bedroom.

And ya know something?

I'm cool with that.

Happy now?

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Happy now?


TF Movie Blazemaster

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TF Movie Blazemaster

I guess I won't really call it a movie figure since it doesn't actually appear in the movie.

At least I doubt it.

The only reason I bought him was because of his great helicopter paint deco.

The news copter is great.

Just think of him as being Arnie Pie's chopper.

TF Animated Freeway Jazz

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TF Animated Freeway Jazz

Not sure why I bought a repaint of him.

I mean... he looks nice and all as a "movie homage" but I didn't need another Jazz.

TF Animated Soundwave and Ratbat

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TF Animated Soundwave and Ratbat

Admit it.

You bought this only to have the Ratbat and not for the rather mediocre Soundwave.

I mean... let us call him... New Soundwave!

TF Movie Ice Cream Truck


TF Movie Ice Cream Truck


I bought a TF2 movie figure.


I feel dirty.

I doubt Hasbro will ever make an ice cream truck again.

That my fellow geeks is why I bought a TF2 movie figure.

Now let us never speak of it again.

TFU Leo Prime (Target Exclusive)


TFU Leo Prime

I love me some Lio Convoy!

This is quite a nice repaint too. Hell... I've got this damn figure in so many other versions I'm surprised I got excited about it. (Though Botcon Razorclaw kicked all sorts of robot ass!)

I'm extremely happy that Hasbro chose to actually give him Lio Convoy's history instead of just doing their usual "Oh... Optimus Prime turned into a lion" or some shit.

Leo Prime IS NOT AND HAS NEVER BEEN Optimus Prime!!!

25th Anniversary G1 Insecticons

I don't care what Hasbro calls them now either due to losing the names or trying to remove the bomb damage aspect of their original names.

They will always be Shrapnel, Bombshell, and Kickback to me.

I bought these guys and Perceptor way back in early November and still feel guilty about wasting the money on them.

They were were $35 each or something. Way too much for my tastes these days.

This'll sound stupid but I probably wouldn't have felt bad if I'd bought the TarakaTomy reissues at that price but just to have these here from TRU?


25th Anniversary G1 Perceptor

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25th Anniversary G1 Perceptor

The real G1 Perceptor I have is missing all his accessories including his microscope. Not much a Perceptor at all really.

Then again I did only pay like $3 for him out of some bin at either the Cowtown toy show or Botcon.

Funny. There used to be a time I could remember every stupid minute detail of where I got a figure. Now? Not so much.

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