Masterpiece Megatron



I'm extremely happy that 2007 will see the release of a real Megatron.

Now this isn't a stab at the pointless ugliness of the movie Megatron but c'mon, in a year when you can get Masterpiece Megatron or that transforming creature dildonics Megatron, which one would you really rather have?

The new color images of MP Megs are great. I can't wait for this guy.

My only wish is that Takara had done the multiple-face gimmick option on Meg's face like they did for MP Starscream.

Megatron needs a smirk too.

(Oh. And there's going to be a Revoltech Megatron too!)


Between this and the Soundwave MP3 player, I will NOT be saving any money this year not buying the movie guys.

How irritating.

Yep... forget the movie toys.. takara is getting all my money this year.... well a good chunk of it.

*wipes drool from keyboard...*

Final Fantasy 12, PS3, MP Megatron...

Definitely not a cheap year for me!


The skinny legs don't bug me nearly as much as they did at first. All things considered, I think this figure is a winner.

And I must own every version of Kremzeek!!!

Speaking of Legs, when's MightyM/Legs going to weigh in on these?

I thought it was going to be a sparse year with the rather unctuous movie line-up... but talk about Takara coming out of the corner swinging! Suddenly Legion's tongue-cum-phallus seems quite forgivable...

This is looking sweet! I have one on pre-order, let's hope it ships in robot mode, sans orange gun barrel pug.

Wow it really looks great...but...
In my country the Netherlands its illegal to buy this beauty...geez.

Yeah. He requires a huge bright orange gun tip for US importing.

I'm hoping I can somehow remove it.

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