A pox on thee. Well. Me actually.


Ugh! I was diagnosed with shingles today.Well today, after a few days of thinking I had an electric razor rash, I was diagnosed with shingles.

The blisters/sores really hurt to the touch.

Doctor M. said that it would be wise to take a few days off of work just to make sure I'm not exposing any adults to it. Adults that never had chicken pox that is.

I never really knew what shingles were until today.

Oh well.

So I'm going to be home.

I've brought some work home. I've got plenty of writing and planning to do.

But honestly, I think I might be able to finally clean up the Attic a bit. Hell, I might even get some new photos take where I actually spend more than 3 minutes doing setup.

There's a good chance I could get some quality hours in the basement working on those goddamn comic books I want to get rid of.

And with any luck, and with the air mail gods shining down upon me, he may arrive too.


Christ! That sucks... the same thing just struck down our CEO's wife, too. Man... all those adults telling their kids to get chicken pox early in life, no so clever now, eh?

Man, I hope you feel better. Although with that tracking number, I think there is some good cheer winging its way over to you. ^_^

Shame about the shingles - hope you get better soon!

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