Classics Ultra Magnus


Classics Ultra Magnus

Words cannot convey how much I love this figure.

Yes. He's all ghost white with barely any trim or other color except for some blue/teal here and there.

I don't care.

I love him.

I love him lots.

Classics Ultra Magnus is the 1821st Transformer that I've acquired.

Classics Ultra Magnus (full body)

I think it is just the simplicity of the color palette.

Oh. And the Classics Optimus Prime mold kicks major ass too.

[UPDATE] Switch his black gun with Classic Optimus Prime's silver one. It looks better and gives him a bit more color.

Classics Ultra Magnus

Funny thing is I did the exact same thing between Masterpiece Ultra Magnus and Masterpiece Convoy.


i dig the magnus repaint as well...i just wish that he had the red eyes and blue face plate like he is shown on the box...

i still don't know how i feel about the patches of white on the face plate as well.

but still, a damn fine piece of crack.

So cool...


I'm going to have to get this for the daughter, she's very keen on having an Ultra Magnus to act-out fumbling the Matrix with.

God, there's a real crack drought up here in the Glass City though. TRU has all of four Cybertron deluxes on its pegs; Walmart has nuthin', Target is the same way.

It makes my both amused and slightly pissy that all three organizations had really awful shelving for the toys in the run-up to Xmas because, it would appear, they had zero faith in any of it selling.

And then it went. All of it.

(Oh, 'cept for the $40+ crowd of figures that TRU (a) seem to think are in great demand despite evidence to the contrary and (b) they refuse to mark down because of their hot, inside tip that any day now somebody is going to need to buy twenty Supreme Starscreams.)


However did you stand living here, Nala?

Well. There's a reason I escaped in 1988.

Sure I only moved 170 miles away. But it was definitely enough!

I should have gone a lot farther though.

I live with that regret every day.


Even now our native Toledoan network administrator is trying to tell me that (a) if I can't find* healthy food in Toledo, I'm not looking hard enough and (b) this new Vista thing integrates very tightly with Adobe.**

* note: I said 'afford', not 'find'.
** the company? Adobe products? Adobe Reader?

I'm convinced there's something in the water...

The gun has a little compartment that you can pull out to add an additional bottom barrel to the guns.

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