Is it serious or a parody?


Is it serious or a parody?

That's what's so beautiful with this!


You know, watching that gives me faitht hat I will love the Transformers movie. It reminds me how many of this guy's movies i've enjoyed. I'd probably rank Bad Boys 2 pretty high on my "Awesomest movies ever" list.

is it balls awesome though, nala? only you may decree the balls awesomeness of something. perhaps you should create a wiki page to what defines balls awesome.

Balls awesome is merely the opposite of Balls Nasty.

See. Very simple! :)

True. Not everything deserves its own wiki.

If this is a parody, then good job, guys. I couldn't listen to that song enough times to create a parody thereof, nor could I watch that many Michael Bay movies again to put together those clips.

If it's sincere, and this is the way that Bay's fans are trying to get the message out, I can only rebut:

Michael Bay never met a cliche he didn't like.

And just because the guy can't sing (Or maybe he can and is just going outside of his limited vocal range)

Parody with subtitles

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