I'm gay for Cover Girl


So. I'm not really into any other toys other than TFs.

That much is obvious if you read this site.

But I came across a blurb elsewhere about 25th Anniversary G.I.Joe figures that I had to look up. I guess you could call these a "Classic" line of figures.

What I realized was that I might buy these, but only the female characters.

I don't know why. I suppose it has to do with the fact that out of the hundreds of male characters that there really are only 6 women in the Joe mythos.

I'd buy the Scarlett, and also Lady Jaye, Cover Girl, Baroness, Jade, and Zarana figures if they were released but I'd probably totally skip any males other than maybe a Crimson Guardsman.


That's totally gay.

Not as gay as this new Gung Ho mind you.

That's like 12-level gay.

Just looking at this figure in a store could turn a straight guy gay.

Focus on the Family could have a field day with Gung Ho.


Those are some pretty sweet figures though. I was kind of jazzed by the newer 3.75" figures that were paclaged like the original figures, but the sculpts and paint apps were terrible.

These actually look pretty damn awesome. Man, between these and the TF classics, I'm going to go broke.

When I was a kid I never really got any of the female figures, (there was this incident with my Sorceress He-Man figure getting her breast plate scraped off...) I always wanted a Scarlett figure, and she ended up being the first bust I bought when they started releasing those. I bet the Baroness figure will be pretty damn cool.

I thought Storm Shadow looked cool. Finally a decent looking Scarlet. I just bought the Toys R Us exclusive Viper 6 pack the other day perfect for target practice for these new Joes.

Update! Found pics of lots of Cobras and a Joe:
Cobra Commander
Cobra Trooper
and Gung Ho


Thanks Larkin. I'm so going to go broke. Though the Baroness isn't quite as cool as I'd hoped. Glassed just don't translate to toys it seems...

Gung Ho looks like he might be the long-lost seventh member of The Village People.

OMG The Baroness looks like a phreaking crossing-dressing nerd! Butyoure right about the Gung-Ho. I think I saw him at a Leather bar once. >

I agree, Baroness could have been better, but Scarlett is awesome! If you have a second, check out my little "shrine" for the baroness on the web at http://baroness.fansector.com

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