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I haven't been commenting on the flurry of prototypes and auctions for TF movie toys but I figured it is finally time to say something because this is a lame ass Transformers blog and those figures are pretty much the only thing new lately.


Film Bumblebee (larger one) - Ugry! I'll pass.

Film Bumblebee (smaller one) - Ugry still! I'll pass.

Film Ratchet - I can't stand the color or the head but on the whole, it would make a good base to custom something better. I'll probably pass.

Film Megatron (3") - Um. I'm sorry. He's just plain fugry! Oh, and lame. He's like some strange organic clitoral stimulator or something. I'll pass many times.

Film Optimus Prime (3") - Of course he doesn't look a thing like the movie CGI model and he's basically a Legends of Cybertron-ish looking figure. I'll own.

Film Starscream - When the opportunity presents itself to have a multimillion dollar film and this is the final design for the chracter/ toy, it really makes Masterpiece Starscream look like the finest designed toy in the world. Film Starscream will most likely not be in the Attic of Love. I'll pass.

Film Barricade - Looks like an enlarged mini-con mold. I'll pass.

Film(?) Digital Camera - Pure unadulterated love. He'll be mine! Maybe two.

Film(?) Cell Phone - He'll be mine!


I didn't realize we'd have photos of the Ratchet toy yet. Nor the smaller ones.

so how many flame comments do you get that you delete after expressing such treasonous thoughts?

Actually, I've never had any really bad ones I've deleted or not posted.

But this isn't a message board either and for the most part, doesn't seem to attract those kinds of pointless replies.

However, I doubt I'd tolerate it for long since 1) I pay for the hosting and all other costs associated with my domains, 2) this isn't really public even though I have commenting on, and 3) it is my site with my opinions on this crap.

One of the reasons I rarely if ever read or post on any main TF site forum/board is due to the insanity of flaming and victimization that goes on there.

Even though I get off on TFs I'm never more than a thought away from "These are just fucking toys".

Hence, why also points to Plastic Crack!

I just don't take anything toy-related too seriously.

People who tend to flame and get bent out of shape on people's opinions seem to be people who can't realize these silly things are pointless bits of plastic with quite often very poorly written/translated/dubbed fiction accompanying them.

Even when the fiction is top notch, which in my opinion was Beast Wars and Beast Machines, it still shouldn't be taken too seriously.

Adults + toys = bad craziness no matter the geek genre.

My thoughts on these toys are here:

Yeah, I'm getting lazy to type, but basically I share the same sentiment, but I'm a sucker for tiny transformers and probably will get barricade and prime.

Oh and ratchet too... if I can mod the head.

I don't care for any of these, and the only way I think I will is if I'm at all interested in how any of them transform.

Bring on Masterpiece Megatron.

Well, except the cell phone, camera etc. I think that's OK, how they're going back to the household items thing. Like the original Megatron, Soundwave and Reflector.

FM: The object bots are the ones that interest me the most.

So far, the only designs I like from the movie are Ratchet (looks way cool) and the alt mode of Barricade (love the police car).

The other designs are meh. Although, knowing myself, I might cave if I see Starscream in the store and pick it up. :)

Nala: I completely agree with ya, WTF is Megatron's alt mode suppose to be???

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