In which I'm told I'm sexy while holding a 20th Anniversary Prime.



So I look pretty dishelved these days.

I haven't shaved for over a week since I didn't want to risk irritating the shingles blisters on my face. (And no, according to the doctor and everything I've read I can't give chickenpox to anyone anymore.)

I've been an eating machine recently, I think due to the drugs, and I feel nasty and bloated.

I am 2 weeks over due for a hair cut and sideburn shave.

All in all... I look totally trashy.

But as I walked around an evil Wal-Mart today looking for a price scanner, holding a clearanced 20th Anniversary Prime and a Ramjet for Evebird, this 15 or 16-year-old girl walks buy me, looks into my eyes, and says "Hey there sexy!" at which I replied "Er... hi." and continued walking on.

She wasn't even "barely" legal.

The scary thing was I'm fairly certain it wasn't said snarkily or anything. It was serious.

I can't recall that ever happening to me, especially when I was 15.

What's super mega creepy about it?

I was in my last year of college when she was born.

Super. Mega. Creepy.

Anyway, I did find a Ramjet for Evebird, I didn't get the Prime since $50 is still too much for that, and Wal-Marts are still filthy dirty places to shop.


It's always sexy to pick up plastic crack for your buds.

BTW did Giga tell you I found a 25th Prime at Wally's for $25?!

Or was it a 20th Prime for $20? Must be getting confused with the G.I. Joe anniversary....

Walmart is getting strange lately . I had a hot girl talk to me the night of the WOW expansion release . which i wasn't there for and she wasn't either . And today some bail bait keep looking at me but she may of just been afraid .

20th Anniversay Prime for $20?? Lucky sod ....

so that makes you 37 or so?

Jeremy Lee: Almost. Yes. I unfortunately probably have the title of World's Oldest Transformers Collector.

If not, pretty damn close to it.

If you've kept up with modern music, you'll know that slightly scruffy is the new handsome. ^_^

No. I'm talking I look downright white trashy right now.

And with the hat on I don't think she saw my grey.

That would have changed things.

Well. Maybe.

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