Evebird's got some Quintesson action going on!


Quintessons - Custom
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Imagine my surprise to check out my Flickr contact updates and see that the esteemed Mister E. has not only one, but two custom Quintessons!

I've never been a fan of the G1 Quints (and even less of a fan of Alpha Q) but these look damn good.


yeah Ive got 2 of these myself. The same people that did it are are planning to do the other Quint (the one with the 6 tentacles that says "Has the Imperial Magistrate reached a verdict?"). So im looking forward to getting that too.

Hush now, the rest of the movie may well have been penned during a bad acid trip, but the Quintessons are pure menacing genius. ^___^

On the downside, my daughter of three years has made "EXECUTE THEM!" part of her regular pool of catchphrases... oh, and she watched "Dalek" today too, which might have some ramifications...

They look cool - but are way too pricey!!

Oh yes. That's a great thing for a 3-year-old to pick up on! :-)

I caught a bit of "Dalek" yesterday on BBC America's marathon. I think I've seen that episode at least 15 times now.

I'd have to say my favorite line is actually from the "Elevate!" moment.

It isn't that I dislike the Quintessons in and of themselves, I just hate the "Five Faces of Darkness" origin story of the Cybertronians.

Nala: I totally understand... the cartoon was great in many ways, but positioning the Quints as the creators and overlords of Cybertron - well, the phrase "Decidedly non-epic" comes to mind.

I do love 'em though. As movie badguys ex machina go, they are top of the list... just a shame that nobody thought past that with any intensity. (Then again, wasn't that much the case with all of Season 3?)

As for the daughter... she's amazing like that. ^_^ Won't go to bed unless Optimus Prime and Megatron are tucked in beside her, next to Cthulhu, Head Crab and her plush kitty collection.

BTW, "ELEVATE!" - genius. ^_^ However, if you've not already seen it... might I proffer...


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