The Attic of Love is in a state of disaster.


The past few months of me working on the actual house and letting the Attic of Love slide into a chaotic state of disaster continues.

The current disaster that is the Attic of Love.

It is really bad.

I'm sure you've all noticed that for the most part, the purpose of this site was to more or less document my collection and my photography of the crack has always been a major part of it.

The past few months just haven't been all that important to me in terms of my geeking and hell, things pretty much amount to me ripping open a package, throwing the figure in the light box, and taking one pic and that's it.

I just don't have the time, or the inclination for that matter, to even try to really do anything remotely creative with my photography like I was doing a long time ago.

I'm lucky if I even bother to remove any lint from my white fabric. And hell, when's the last time I bothered to even change the color?

Oh well. The bi-polar love-hate relationship with this pointless crap continues.


Man i organized my collection after seeing how you take care of yours lol, but what do you got going in in your light box?

Things have definitely deteriorated in the AoL.

A shame your crack collection is in a mess. I keep my tiny collection on a lower shelf, hidden behind a cabinet door so visitors don't give me grief about my addiction. :)

There's just no way to hide 1800+ figures. :-)

I so wish I could.

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