KISS Player Autolooper


Autorooper and his awesome Traffic Cone Gun

Autolooper has finally arrived!!!

Alas, Takara/Tomy has decided not to give him proper license plates out-of-the-box.

In fact, I have to put all his stickers on him.

I really really really hate putting stickers on toys. I always fuck them up and once you do you are damned for all time.

KISS Player Autolooper is the 1822nd Transformer that I've acquired.


I love how you don't even know his correct name.

The transliteration from Japanese can either be Autorooper or Autolooper, hence the usual stereotype of Herro instead of Hello.

Looks like me, and a whole mess of the non-Japanese speaking world, got is so horribly wrong.

Baby Jesus must be crying.

Autorooper still gets 2000 results more,the way you say it takes the pun away.

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