Now I just need to do a custom TF Taint!


I came across one of the most awesome bits of geekage today in my internet wanderings.

There is actually a Doctor Who novel titled The Taint!

How awesome is that!!!

Oh. And if you haven't seen this year's Christmas Special "The Runaway Bride" I suggest you do.

It was fun.

I kinda want to see The Sarah Jane Adventures too. I can't believe that BBC restricts access to that content on their website since I'm not in the UK. Boooo!

Just for that I'm not going to give them my spin-off proposal for Jamie and Zoe: Kicking Ass in a Kilt and a Catsuit.


Aye, I'll back you up on that, it was fun indeed. Sarah Jane Adventures was geared more towards kids though.

Torchwood however, has been good. And bad.


Yeah, but I still want to see it!

And the new real kid-centric K-9 show too.

I don't think Torchwood will get brought over there so I'll have to find a way to track it down.

Nala. you can probably get Torchwood through using a torrent downloader. And if not there you can go to I know for a fact someone is seeding the enetire season there cause thats where I just downloaded it 2 days ago.

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