It is done.


I just paid for an item that I recently bought online.

I won't discuss it here until it arrives since quite frankly until it enters the Attic of Love it really isn't part of the collection.

I'm hoping that it arrives in perfect condition.

I'm always a bit scared about having things come from some Asian countries.

Not that Asian countries are a problem or anything. I'm just always worried about damage and so forth due to the shipping.

This goes doubly so for expensive and rare items.

All I'll say is that some of you may just very well shit your pants when I unveil it to you.

Now I can feel guilty for the next 12 months.

(And WoozyGuy... ixnay on the itemay!)


Didja finally get a Robot Masters Black Lio Convoy?!?

Been thinking about getting the 'regular' one myself.

Well, I'm not going to spill the beans, but I figured it out.

Very nice, very very nice. I can't wait to see pics and then check it out in person the next time I'm down that way.

Got it in one guess : ) Congrats on a great piece. But I think you should have waited just a while longer so it could be your 2,000th Transformers.

Yes. Heinlad's on his way! Booyeah!

Hey, I'll be happy to see you finally with it. And to see if what you said would happen holds true when you get it ^^

Glad I could help you out \(^O^)/

I really hate keeping secrets though


but I will for you cause that


no sir.. no hints whatsoever

I must be a complete retard cause I am not "not" getting any hints .... the suspense is killing me. Can someone at least allude to the TF line?

No way... how much did you drop on this thing, the full $1,400 odd? You, sir, are the envy of collectors everywhere. ^_^

Welp, I think I know. I think I know because there's only one thing you would be so secretive about as to not jinx it.

Wish fulfillment is a beautiful thing.

I was just emailed a tracking #.

*fingers crossed*

Heinlad is pure joy.

And DL, I don't think Nala would want us to.



That's the wrong line!


think that


is correct.

Consider Me

I didn't mean to
Start anything


I am a moron, cause Nala mentioned the name several comments ago ... finally realized what he got Heinlad!! Not from RID, no less. :)

Where the heck is he from?

Actually, the Heinlad comment was a joke on my part. Though I do need one.

You goddamned right you do.

Heinlad was from BW Neo, which is possibly the silliest of all the TF fictions. Sort of like "The Green Forest" if you ever saw that, but they transform. Despite the ridiculous cartoon, all the first wave toys are excellent, except Break and Sling. Break was still worth getting because he turns into a penguin, but he's a total shellformer. Sling because his shield arm is neat, but he suffers from tailhand.

Full disclosure: I am totally gay for Heinlad and Longrack.

Guess I'll wait to see what you bought in a future post - instead of making myself look more stoooopid.

** hangs head in shame **

Oh. You don't look stupid. I just haven't talked all that much about

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