Miles "Tails" Prower: Mascot of the Attic of Love™


Tails: Mascot of the Attic of Love

You might be surprised to learn that the mascot of the Attic of Love™ isn't actually a Transformer but this little version of Miles Prower, aka Tails that I've had for like 9 years or so.

I have no idea why I have this toy but he used to be on my monitor at the old House of Love II and of course, he moved with me.

He's the best Tails toy I've ever seen. All the ones I have found since suck total balls.

He's got simple but great articulation and has tons of character.

I have no idea what Sonic is really about or any of the related stuff. I remember watching one Sonic series on I think Fox during the 90s. It had really good animation and I totally fell in love with Tails as a character.

That's the only real reason I remember buying this little toy.

And he basically predates the beginnings of the serious disease that is the collection now. When I got Tails I had maybe 12 Transformers, all of the figures I'd had from the 80s.

So there ya have it! Tails is the mascot of the Attic of Love™.


Trying to win back your alienated Furry fans, huh?

He's made of plastic. Hence, he's as much plastic crack as anything else up here.

And ya know, I never associated this with the furry thing.

Only your sick twisted north coast mind would do that.

I've got one of those along with Sonic, Amy, and the robot. I've actually got 2 Amys (and have purchased 3, the third went to a friend of mine).

Anyway, they are all nice figures. Like you said, the articulation is simple but works very well. Also they are the best likenesses of the characters to date, they aren't horribly misproportioned in anyway like most Sonic toys.

My only regret is that I never picked up Knuckles (There was also Big the cat but he's lame).

RJ: I wish I had Sonic and Knuckles from this line since they really look good.

And you hit the reason on the other lines. They are so misproportionate and just don't look right.

That's pretty much how I got my nickname (I say "got" but I me "gave myself") of smurfwreck. I was never really that fond of the smurfs, but I found this cool PVC smuf with homemade glider wings that I used to keep around and one day it just became a name.

Man, I loved those early Sonic games... I even got my hands on the version for Genesis CD; that was *awesome*... time-travelling and everything. Totally the hot shit.

Shame Archie picked up the US licensing, but I'm glad to see that there's at least one toy that doesn't feature their awful proportioning of legend.

Uh, check the Encyclopedia Dramatica section on Deviant Art.

Marvel at the furries obsessed with Sonic. (Like Chase the Hedgehog.)

We report, you decide.


The only chacrated from the STH series that I loved. Steve Urkel kind of killed Sonic for me >

hello I am fanatic of sonic x espacially tails and I leave my msn them to speak of sonic bye ^^

hello I am fanatic of sonic x espacially tails and I leave my msn them to speak of sonic bye ^^

hello I am fanatic of sonic x espacially tails and I leave my msn them to speak of sonic bye ^^:)

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