The holidays are almost over...

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I am utterly sick of holiday food.

Since December 22 I've eaten so much ham and casseroles I could skip them for another 360 or so days.

And of course, I've got one more New Year's dinner this afternoon to make it through and tomorrow I can finally return to my strict diet without crushing my social life.

My back feels a helluva lot better than it has. Hopefully it isn't just the lingering results of the percocets.

I half-expected Autolooper and MP Starcream to show up this past week but alas, they are still MIA. I still haven't gotten the CostCo Exclusive 2-pack from Marmot either. Laser says he's been slacking on shipping it but it isn't like they're that special or anything.

The big debate has started about if it will be worth it to go to con this year. Right now I'm not inclined to go but perhaps HasPub will pull something out of their asses that will make it seem worthwhile.

Oh well.

Have a good New Year's Day!

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