Reissue mania.


Sorry about all you folks that were hoping for new Beast Wars molds from Takara.

I figured that when BBTS announced there was going to be some Beast Wars shit coming out of Japan that it had to be reissues. I mean, with the recent rerelease here it made a certain amount of practical sense.

Based on the shelf cloggers, I'd have to say that the Beast Wars reissues probably were a dud. I think Christmas finally cleared a lot of them out here in the Cowlands but they sat on the shelves for a long time. Then again, kids wouldn't know what the hell they were anyway since most of the target demographic for Hasbro wasn't born before 2000.

I'm still happy Takara retooled the heads for their 2-pack release of Beast Megs and Beast Convoy.

Those are still some of the best simple alterations ever made to Transformers.

Of course, I was a loser and paid $100 for the Takara set only to have Hasbro release them.



Oh well, I'm still keen on getting the Blackarachnia and Dinobot. The paint on the original BA just doesn't cut it.

Hell. If ever a character deserved a true new mold it would be the original look for Beast Wars Black Arachnia.

At least her later molds were more than Tarantulus repaints.

On the subject, if you're only going to get one more BR character (besides Tankor) I'd go for her. The pink looks much better than the purple.

And while we're talking about BW, does anyone out in Nala's fan club have a junker original Terrorsaur? All I need is a foot.

The BW reissues had problems, mostly with price and distribution. I've never seen Megatron, which I REALLY want, and have only seen Primal once at K-Mart for like 20 bucks (no thanks, but I'd have picked up Megs for that). I only purchased Waspinator myself but I was hoping ot find Rhinox and Dinobot on clearance. Never happened.

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