She's far better than Haley Joel Whateverhisnameis!


Evebird saw something that I've never actually seen in the wild and I really don't know what I should drop on it.

There's an auction for the Botcon Japan Exclusive Car Robots AI Chain PVC. (full pics)

This has always been a must-have for me but I've never ever seen one.

So far I'm losing the auction.

I can't justify the Buy It Now of $150 for this tiny thing but man oh man.


I hate toys. I really hate them.

I especially hate Car Robots toys!



I know how you feel Nala. I feel the same way about Blue Bacchus, Black Shadow, Black Zarak, Browning, and the Dinocassettes.

That listing has a reserve price too ... I'd suspect that the seller's hoping to get at least $100 for it.

Best of luck on the auction mate.

Thank goodness I'm only interested in some TF robots and I'm not a completist.

Woozy: Good luck on those dinocassettes there!

DL: I'm only like this for Car Robots and none of the other lines.

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