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So you may think it is easy and all being Nala but you gotta understand that being a plastic crack addict is quite a chore.


You end up wasting countless hours (and dollars) with your major dealer looking for those specific things you need.

If you are lucky you can find a lot of them at a decent price but you truthfully never know the quality or condition of them.

Take this box for example. The pics on the auction were horrible but from what I could make out there were a ton of things I wanted there. 29 of them in fact.

So this box of 69 total figures eventually arrives. A massive unorganized mess with pieces falling off the figures but at least the guy put most of the floaters in a bag.


Of course it is all the 90s era Beast Wars stuff that I have major gaps in ymy collection. And to top it off, I'm not a huge fan of the Beast Wars toys so I'm not even familar with the non-show characters and all of their accessory crap.


I managed to sort out off the figures I wanted from all the ones I could care less about... Beast Wars and Beast Machines not being something I'm even remotely interested in having complete collections of.


But once sorted it was easy to go to an online site such as tfu.ino and match weapons and accessories to the figures while at the same time documenting everything in a spreadsheet.


And then you find out that the Optimus Primal you've wanted for years is not only missing weapons... he can't transform into gorilla mode because he's missing those parts as well.


It isn't easy being me.

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