Now I don't want to be a hater...


So, I came across these pics from a link at Tformers.

Now I don't want to be a hater. There's enough of of those in this sick and depraved Transformers geekdom.

But man oh man...



Did movie Megatron really need a vagina?!?!?!?!?!


That is a robotic vagina that even Elita-1 or Arcee don't even have!!!


Maybe there's a weird love triangle in the movie between Optimus, Megs and Bumblebee, like Optimus and Megs used to be a couple then Optimus dropped him for Bumblebee, like so much Batman for Robin. And then Megatron goes on a warpath to destroy the universe....

Michael Bay:

"Well you see, in this movie, we really wanted to distance viewers from the idea that this is a giant toy advert. This is nothing like the childish cartoons you know; these are giant alien killer robots from another planet, yeah! These things are gonna fuck each other up, and they'll fuck us up too if we get in the way! YEAH! RUSMFELD!"

Aaron Archer:

"And that's why we decided together - Mike, and us - wanted to make Megatron a bit different, something very alien and unexpected. And one of the ILM guys said "Hey, how about we give him a great big alien vagina?"... and it's totally fresh. Nobody has done this before."

I should email Aaron Archer about that quote! :-)

I just realized that the vagina is really irritated and puffy.

Perhaps all that's needed is a douching.

The Abby Fairgate Cunningham
Ewing Scott Sumner Vagina of Acquisition?

HA HA!!! Vagina dentata!

I don't want to be there for the sequel when he "upgrades" by birthing Galvatron out of himself. . .

Ha ha ha ... great observation Nala!

Frowny's comment might be dead on ... LOL.

Nala: (a) Send it to him, I love the guy but I think he needs a bit of ribbing over the movie and (b) maybe it isn't puffy, maybe it's just padded because Megatron wanted somewhere safe to keep the Allspark. ^_~

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