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T-Minus (insert some number less than 24) before we leave.

I found the bulb for the light after trying a few other places.

I got some clearance Target clothing cuz you know I'm all about the value and looking step above white trash.

I'm basically all packed except for a sweater or two.

Oh. And Matt returned from his evening sorjourn with new fresh crack for me.

I'm now at 746 Transformers!!! I don't think it will be possible to hit 800 by Christmas unless I get a whole shitload of Micromasters or something.

Holy shit! I also got a comment from The Cousin!!! Very rare but always brings a smile to my face.

I miss him lots.

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wow, make me feel guilty-kind of like your thank you card sitting on my dining roo table with a stamp on it-wow. Hope you are nejoying all of the fabulousness that is SF

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