What a pain in the ass.


Movable Type used to be really easy to use and modify for the non-programmer.

I've got enough UNIX and server experience that you'd think I could get this FastCGI implementation working.

But no.

It has to be a pain in the ass.

It always has to be a pain in the ass.

Anything that is supposed to speed things up and make life easier, especially in light of the constant spam attacks this blog gets, just has to be a pain in the ass.


Wordpress rules yo.

I've got too much invested in MT over the past 6 years. But overall, I'm usually really happy with it. I just need to brush up on my UNIX shell stuff.

Can I convince you to switch to the Sharepoint 3.0 blogging API instead? :P Not only can you write comments and share photos, it will even let you produce XML-based data-aggregation forms and publish the results in Excel via webservice. Yes! Just what every blogger wants! Microsoft fights back! *clench fist in triumph*

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