All kinds of crackiness.


As you can see there's been all kinds of cracky acquisitions today.

Too much in fact.

I even managed to find a 6" Titanium Rodimus Prime for Evebird too.

What's sad is we hit like 10 stores, many of them Targets, and didn't find a single other Ultra Magnus/Skywarp 2-Pack for those readers overseas.

That pisses me off.

Anyway, we'll keep looking for two more and a Cybertron Galvatron.

I swear I found 4 Cybertron Megatrons today but not a single Galvatron.

And Megs was released super mega early in the line!!! I don't get it.

Oh. And I removed the authentication plug-in until I can email the developer and see why it conflicts with TypeKey. Many of you still seem authenticated after I removed the plug-in but we'll have to see.

And what really rocks is the other plug-in has prevented any spam since last night. I usually average 1 every 2-3 minutes. Not a single one since I redid the app last night.


do you get spam haikus like does?

No. I've been getting a ton of spam that is error spam. As well as the same old tired penile erection shit over and over again.

I'm really happy to say that as long as you keep MovableType updated regularly, and activate the spam filtering and allow for TypeKey authentication, you can have a totally spam-free blog.

My problem has been false positives from first time commenters. Those get thrown into the queue and when I only get 5 spams a day it isn't bad to sort it and approve the legit ones.

When it hit 50-70 spams a day I know some legit ones got deleted by accident.

Nala - I hope you are looking for a Cybertron Galvatron for me ... pretty please?

Yes. It is because of you that I found myself in nasty Wal-Marts and odd K-Marts around the Cowlands.

No luck though.

But for some reason, there's a shitload of Cyb Megatrons around.

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