Oh well.


I really had high hopes that the toy for movie Blackout would kick ass.

The few prototypes and blurry pics we've seen seemed to indicate he'd be cool.


Alas, while he's sorta-kinda cool still, he basically ended up as robot with a helicopter on its back.

At least he's still going to be the best TF helicopter I've ever seen.


Yeah, too much back kibble in robot mode for Blackout. But I've read that that backpack supposedly detachs somehow ...

Blackout = best TF helicopter?!?

I dunno about that, Cybertron Evac is pretty impressive IMHO.

I dunno. I hate how much back kibble he has. I'm still thinking the last 2 helicopters we have had (from Energon and Cybertron) are tied for the best helicopters ever.

Hell it's the only movie tf i like so far i'll pic one up

Personally still think Evac is the best looking TF helicopter out there... So amazingly perfect in bot and alt mode...

But I'll probably pick up Blackout and Ratchet.

That is all.


Don't get me wrong... I loves me some Evac. I even gave him a "totally erect" rating back when in December 2005. He's all around a perfect Transformer in my book.

But Blackout's helicopter mode is just pretty damn fine to me.

I already told you how I feel about Blackout. When his toy pics leaked, I was one of the few people who didn't rave about the figure. Hasbro has been bragging about how these toys are going to have incredible detail. Fine. Blackout has incredible detail. But it's still a huge kibble-former--one of the biggest ever. I've seen basics that hide their alt modes better.

I agree-Evac looks like he's the better toy.

On the other hand, this beats the shit out of Bulkhead. (Who I got on clearance.)

is it me or does that pic of blackout look like rob liefeld's captain america promo art?

Best-looking helicopter, hands-down... but I still prefer Evac. I'm also wondering if Blackout is going to have the same detachable-blades-thing going on.

He doesn't look as nice as the prototypes, which only expands on your theory, Nala, that Hasbro's introduction of colour continues to swamp the level of detail.

But outside of that... I dunno. Not sure why everyone is raving for him; it's not even the helibackpack, I just don't like how shallow his lower legs are and the way his head seems to be kinda sunk.

Ah well, as long as my daughter doesn't care, it's money saved. ^_^


The boobs just aren't big enough. Also, it lacks Liefeld's visual trademark, CROTCH WRINKLES.

(Seriously, no one in his universe irons the crotch of their pants.)

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