Classics Skywarp


Classics Skywarp

Part of the "Battle of Autobot City" 2-Pack along with Ultra Magnus.

Classics Skywarp is the 1820th Transformer that I've acquired.

Classics Skywarp (full body)

Now we just need a Thundercracker.

Will Botcon 2007 deliver that?


Botcon 2007 sure as hell better NOT deliver Thundercracker. I know I will be pissed and if the Allspark boards are any indication so will a TON of other fans.

a perect repaint...

when i look at it, i don't get the "it's just the same fig with different colors" vibe.

the painted face of skywarp does wonders for the fig.

Repainting twice in one line is typical for Hasbro. But I can't recall a time when Hasbro repainted something 3 times in the same line.

Takara has done it most recently with the Rambles (4 of them) but they don't do repaints usually at all.

Can't wait to get one... plus, Megs needs a few more troops to fill out the lines, the battles are a bit one-sided at the moment.

I would love to see/get a 'classics' Thundercracker and skywarp. TC's my favorite 'con, followed by Skywarp. besides, it looks strange to have just one member of the seeker trio all by his lonesome.

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