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Naladahc's Energon Ultra MagnusSo after almost 18 months I have finally acquired an Energon Ultra Magnus in an Ebay auction.

Now it isn't "mine" yet since I've had to resort to bidding on auctions from other countries and I managed to win this one from Australia.

I've never really considered seriously going after non-US auctions just because of the pain in the ass of currency exchange rates and all but in this instance I managed to snag this very very rare figure that was underproduced for only $41.00 total! Most of the US auctions I've bid on for this have ended up in the $70-$80 range so acquiring him, even overseas, was something I had to consider.

Of course I won't be happy with this transaction until Energon Ultra Magnus resides on the Energon shelves but hopefully this whole transaction will go smoothly.

My ones from Japan have all gone well.

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