I so want mine!


Club AirazorSo Remy Rodis has a gallery of Club Airazor up and all I gotta say is "Damn! That's a mighty fine retool/repaint!".

She's great!

She's quite the brightly colored figure but honestly, if you go to the original Airazor, it works!

He even did a pic of both of them.

Please. Airazor. Get here. Soon.


Supposedly these were delayed a month or so. I heard late Feb for shipping :(

But yeah, I'm totally jazzed about this figure. Will look beautiful with the other pre-BW figures from BotCon.

I am too much of a tightwad for this hobby....

What's the deal with this repaint?
Why's everyone all hyped about Airazor?

I actually prefer the original Energon Slugslinger mold colors.

For me it is just because it completes last year's set.

And well, it is garishly orange and different.

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