Costco Exclusive Cybertron Optimus Prime and Wing Saber


Costco Exclusive Cybertron Optimus Prime and Wing Saber

These may quite frankly be the stupidest Transformers I've ever purchased due to the completist sickness.

These are exactly the same figures I already own but in a 2-pack from CostCo that Marmot picked up for me in Florida and sent to the Cowlands.

Hasbro didn't even bother to repaint them at all.

Costco Exclusive Cybertron Optimus Prime and Wing Saber are the 1805th and 1806thTransformers that I've acquired.


I bought Wing Saber and was kinda disappointed. The robot mode has lots of kibble.

Then again, Sky Shadow (a.k.a. Jetfire in disguise) really let me down, with the hole in his chest.

Nala, I'm surprised you haven't commented on the recently release prototype images of movie Megatron & Optimus. They look pretty impressive.

I was all about trying to get this set, but no one I knew that had a Costco membership was able to find one for me. Eventually I found a Wing Saber so I bought him (with the idea that if I found this set I would return him). Since I'm never going to get the 2 pack, I went ahead and opened the WS. Now I just need to find a cheap Optimus Prime. If anyone find an OP (either the regular or Galaxy Force repaint) on clearance, please let me know.

Wing Saber has issues, but after the last two SUPAHHHHHHH MOOOOOODU! Primes, I was glad to get one that both looked good and had some posability.

And maybe it's that I spent waaaaay too much time as Cervantes in Soul Calibur, but the two sword thing always appealed to me.

Despite how silly it is for giant robots to be playing with swords. I blame Voltron.

This is me not telling Spectro I saw them a couple weeks ago on clearance.

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