I like it better than the final alt mode.


Movie Protoform Starscream

Ya know, now that we've got some real decent resolution pics of Cybertron-Protoform movie Starscream I gotta say... he's a helluva lot nicer to look at than the actual Earth-mode version in the film.

He pretty much seems to just fold up into a rockish thing but I like the way the chest in bot mode becomes like intake turbines in the rock thing. It really almost reminds me of God Bomber.

He needs a bit more color but not outright coloring. I guess I'm thinking something to give him some depth in the goldish plastic. It looks too flat in the pic but it could just be a mediocre shot.


I don;t know if this is common in some of the other new transformers toys, but I have to say that I really hate the faux laser blast/fire/what-have-you pieces of molded plastic that companies are packaging with toys these days. Like the lightsaber strikes and stuff on Star Wars figures (or that hideous molded plastic lightning on the head of that one Darth Vader figure (http://x-entertainment.com/updates/2006/12/04/the-worst-darth-vader-action-figure-ever/).

I mean, are kids that numb in the noggin that they need that kind of stuff imagined for them? Maybe it's just me...

Yeah. I've noticed that too. I never liked that for missiles either and it seemed like it started with Beast Wars for TF. Definitely had it by Beast Machines when Thrust's tail exhaust became his missiles.

I think it is just designed saying "we can do this" and then going ahead without. I doubt it has to do with any imagination on the part of the person (typically a child) getting the toy.

So the 2 protoform TF movie designs are now official - meh.
Looks like I'll pass on these ...

I think Hasbro will really be stretching it if they repaint this as Thundercracker or Skywarp.

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