6" Titanium Soundwave and Laserbeak"


6" Titanium Soundwave and Laserbeak

What a piece of crap!

It took forever just to get him stable enough to stand. He's loose as shit and the legs are just awful. His saggy crotch doesn't help.

At first I thought he looked better in the packaging but once I got him out I had memories of 6" Titanium G2 Megatron.


Laserbeak is kinda cool though for a simple as he is.

Titanium Soundwave and Laserbeak are the 1807th and 1808th Transformers that I've acquired.


The thing that truly astounds me is, Soundwave has arguably one of the most simple and effective of all transformations. He pulls a yoga pose, ducks his head and BANG! - he's a cassette player.

I mean, how do you mess that up? What made the designer thing that the one thing Soundwave - classic, iconic Soundwave - was missing were telescopic legs?

I don't know, it's like the lower half of the guy is in the Funhouse Mirror Dimension. Ugh. Shudder.

So you finally found him! And based on your quick review, I am glad I passed ... his lower section is lame-o.

Still looking for 6' Titanium Rodimus and the Universe aerialbots myself. Is that offer to pickup a Cybertron Galvatron for me still open mate?

That is one craptastic figure. He looks like he's wearing a diaper, and it aint been changed in a while. I can guess this figure was a major disappointment for you.

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