I debated about telling you all.


G1 Fortress MaximusI debated about telling you all about a purchase I just made from a guy I work with.

I just picked up a G1 Fortress Maximus.

He's only missing one of his hip guns and Cog., the smaller bot made up of Grommet and Gasket.

I'm told he's fairly white, has all his ramps, and all of his stickers, while they are applied, are all in really good shape.

I figure I'll never be able to get a Takara Fortress Maximus with Master Sword and it isn't every day someone can just drop one off to me at work.


I have just 2 words "Holy" and "S%*t" you cant beat a deal like that and those are fairly easy parts to find.

Welcome to the club. I'm still missing Cog's gun, the radar dish and the clasp is broken on the cockpit for Spike, but that doesn't bother me. He remains the centerpiece of my collection.

Also he cost me a grand total of $40. I'm still waiting for one of the repro guys to actually make the Master Sword for him.

I agree with James: "Holy S%*t"!!

Dude. Do it. I love when people from work bring me TFs :D

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