So much crack.


Evebird managed to snag me a Classics Ultra Magnus/Skywarp today!

So I've got 3 known items coming and hopefully, MP Starscream and Autolooper.


I checked my local Target on monday ... they had zip! I can't wait to get ahold of the Ultra Magnus/Skywarp 2-pack, they look awesome!! Post pics ....

I almost didn't see these on the shelf. They were on the very bottom shelf, on top of Megatron/Prime 2-packs. You literally had to get down on your knees to check.

The price is a steal too--$19.99!

ARGH! I really love these two and I can't BLOODY get them here! The only way would be to pay EXTORTIONATE prices on Ebay...



Mark: Well, you can always ask me nicely.

Oh. Hm... How much would postage be?


Dunno. Email me your address.

When E. drops of the package I'll see if I can estimate it.

Email sent. That's fantastic Nala, definitely a favour owed from the Kentish shores...


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