Classics Cliffjumper


Classics Cliffjumper

I really want to love Cliffjumper here but in the end I just can get over the fact he's merely a red and silver Bumblebee.

The Classics Bumblebee head was just too special to be reused.

I really wish they would have retooled the head a bit and changed the smile.

Cliffjumper is just not the kind of bot to smile.

Classics Cliffjumper is the 1819th Transformer that I've acquired.


You are so right about Cliffjumper. That figure really needs a different head sculpt. That head only works for BB.

I think what got me is that in terms of a retool, it's pretty straightfoward - lose the smile, cut a little bit more material out of the mold to flush out the sides of his head.

Thinking about it, the paintjob doesn't help either... I don't mind cliff-jumper getting some extra colour, but if we really need to go down that route then at least keep it relatively classy and subdued.

Here it looks like conversely he was either hit by some sort of Cybertronian paintball weapon, or he's suffering Cosmic Rust, or both.

Cliffjumper was always one of my favorite characters as a child. It pained me as well to see Bumblebee's head on Cliffjumper.

You may have seen this already but a few other people and myself have replaced the old head with a new custom made Cliffjumper head.

Here are some pics:
Pic 1
Pic 2

Iron Maniac: Wow! That new head is great! I'll have to investigate getting one of those once I get the new house and pull the toys out of storage.

Thanks, glad you like it. That Recolored Bumblebee head just did not pass the test as far as I'm concerned.

I may as well leave this link then for you or anyone that is interested in buying a new Cliffjumper head like I was:

Buy Cliffjumper Heads Here

The guy making these heads is seriously gifted. As you can see from the photos, these are not some cheap junk, this is a direct replacement. No modification needed.
Remember, you have to keep the eyes from your old Cliffjumper, you reuse them on the new head.

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