Instruments of Destruction


Film Megatron has some finished deco'd Masterpiece Megatron images up.

I'm loving him but I certainly hope he can stand without the damn base he has. My initial concerns were that the weight of the viewfinder/fusion cannon would be way too heavy to make the figure stand.

And honestly, after getting MP Starscream and Autorooper yesterday, I'm kind of concerned about Tomy-Takara's product these days.

Oh. But I got to give kudos to the variation on the Kremzeek!


TakaraTomy is the harshest of mistresses; we get:

...The questionable content that is KissPlay (._.)
...Which is then Binaltech Hot Rod (^_^)
...Followed by fragile-plastic Autorooper (\_/)
...Superseded by MP Megatron (!!^_^!!)
...That might be made of fragile plastic (X_x ARGH)

I mean seriously, shouldn't we be paying for this kind of abuse?! *looks at wallet* Wait a minute...

The descriptions I've read say die-cast but I have to question the type of plastic that'll be used.

It's a dicey proposition. MP Starscream wasn't as durable as I would have liked, though in his defense I accidentally dropped several things on him and despite his fragility (and the fact that I aged five years in those few seconds) he was undamaged. On the other hand, there was really no difference between the 20th OP I had then gave away and the MP-04 that replaced him.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Because I know I'm buying him regardless. (I love the MP line because it's nearly to scale with the Alternators/Binaltechs, still my favorite line. I still need five of them, though.)

Yeah, I hope MP Megs is made of solid materials and can stand by himself ... that photo seems to indicate otherwise.

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