Well... there's no turning back now...


So Giga found $150 round-trip flights to Boston for Botcon so he booked 'em.

We'll be heading to Boston early to see friends and then on Thursday driving or training up to Rhode Island.


I'm not sure if we'll do Botcon for the whole event or maybe one day or so.

Let's face it. If you've been to one Botcon/OTFCC you've been to them all pretty much. The panels are pretty much the same with the sames kinds of content and the same kinds of questions asked over and over again.

The dealers are more or less the same dealers year after years since there is a finite market for transforming plastic crack.

And unless you are there for the drama of message board group geeks versus message board group geeks really only 1 afternoon is needed in the dealer room. I've been kind of amazed at the behavioural patterns of TF geeks in the a confined setting of a con versus the general anonymity provided by the internets. It brings out the most interesting aspects of geekdom.

Frankly, I'm looking forward to visiting with Annalisa and her bf and seeing their new house, maybe meeting Mr. Grimm, and just having a vacation.

Of course, San Francisco would be a helluva lot better vacation. I need a Christne and Deb fix something bad!

Hmmm. Maybe I can find a way to do both depending on how selling the House of Love III and buying the House of Love IV goes.


for the geographically challenged, it's actually "down".

Once again proving I know nothing about New England.

I thought it was north of MA but oh well.

Eh have fun trying to get in and out of the airport. heh I hate boston traffic bleh

Yup! Been there. Done that. Know all about it!

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