As I pulled up to the House of Love in the Deluxe Luxury Volkswagen New Beetle, my eyes came upon a box next to the door and my heart missed a beat.

Oy koledy! It is here!!!

I rushed up the stairwell and grabbed the package, only to realize it was from Captured Prey.

My heart sank.

So yeah, Masterpiece Starscream and my KISS Player Autolooper have finally arrived.

But they aren't really important in the grand scheme of the Nalaverse.

It is.


Goddammit... typekey login isnt working for me. It keeps giving me a 404 when it comes back to here. Firefox 2, Win XP.

It works fine for me now.

Can you see if clearing the cache makes a difference?

There's nothing left of the offending plug-in to cause any problems.

And I've rehandshaked TypeKey to the site.

That is so strange. Now it works.

Boy you are such a mess... I love it.. lol

Well. It still hasn't arrived as of lunchtime.

Evebird, JN, and I cruised by the House of Love after lunching looking for it.

The Singpost website hasn't updated either.

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