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rough trade @ naladahc.comI've been thinking of starting up a special online site for the trading of old, possibly broken and dirty, but otherwise possibly useful Transformers from the 80s to the present. This will by-pass crack pricing at Ebay.

I think I'll call it "Rough Trade".

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"Satisfy your Optimus Primal urges...


A better tag line has never been said, and the idea was sent swimming through Nala's head.

I've got a few I'd probably try to get rid of....

I now realize that I don't really need both the Takara *and* Hasbro versions of *everything*

It would be very hard for me to part though....

Keep your Takara... get rid of your Hasbro duplicates...

Get rid of your Hasbro duplicates... to Nala

Takara good. Hasbro often bad.

Truck... not Monkey (regardless of monkey in logo).

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